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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston

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PostSubject: Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston   Sun Jan 06, 2013 5:04 am

*Dean Ambrose's entrance hits as he begins to come out to the ring. The lights are flickering on and off as he's walking down the ramp. Dean is looking around the arena seeing if Sting's around Dean walks up the steps and into the ring. He awaits Kofi Kingston Dean looks up towards the rafters the lights hit the rafters Dean rolls out of the ring real fast to grab a mic.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Do you think I don't see you Stinger?! Are you attempting to get inside my head because it isn't working. I'm inside your head right now that is why you're hiding up there show your face! I beg of you to come down to this ring during my match with Kofi. Please try to cost me the match please try to interfere I want you to. Do something crazy tonight something Stinger! Tonight I'm going to do something crazy when I see your face in the ring. "We Will Meet Again" Why did you say that to me are you mocking me Stinger?! How many times do I have to say it show yourself!

*Dean Ambrose is screaming to the rafters as Kofi Kingstons theme hits. Kofi comes out to the ring with no emotion on his face he's being followed to the ring by Abraham Washington who's giving him a pep talk as he's working to the ring. Kofi walks up the steps and looks straight in the face of Dean Ambrose the match begins as the bell rings.*

Kofi and Ambrose lock up to start the match. Ambrose kicks Kofi in the gut and sweeps his legs with an sto. Kofi kips up really fast and kicks Ambrose in the side of the head. Kofi bounces off the ropes and jumps at Ambrose with a cross body. Ambrose pushes Kofi off of him really fast and mounts Kofi! He starts punching Kofi in the head Dean stands up and stomps on Kofi's chest! Ambrose stalks Kofi as he's trying to stand up Kofi turns towards Ambrose and slaps him in the face!


Ambrose is getting mad he pushes Kofi! Kofi pushes him back and punches him in the head Ambrose punches Kofi back! They start brawling in the ring everyone is going crazy! Kofi kicks Ambrose in the gut to stop the brawl of punches and grabs him by the head! Kofi jumps and flips Ambrose over with a huricanerana! Kofi goes for a quick cover Ambrose rolls over and stands back up he kicks Kofi in the side of the head. Ambrose grabs Kofi's leg and begins to stomp he lifts it up in the air and slams it against the mat. Ambrose locks in a leg lock on Kofi! Kofi rolls through the move and runs at Ambrose now that they're both standing. Kofi with a flying forearm to the face of Ambrose! Ambrose rolls out the ring really fast he walks towards the crowd Ambrose notices a man who has Sting face paint on. Ambrose in a rage looks at him really fast and thinks it's Sting!

*Ambrose gets in the face of the man who he thinks is Sting. Meanwhile Abraham is fighting with the ref and Kofi is just watching Sting. Ambrose starts yelling at the man!*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

What are you doing here Sting?! Coming to ringside to watch my match?! Are you trying to get beat down!

*Ambrose grabs the man who thinks is Sting! The man is screaming "I'm not Sting!" Ambrose throws the man over the barricade! Ambrose is going crazy now! He's getting ready to attack the man who thinks is Sting!*

The lights go out for a split second they turn back on Sting is right behind Ambrose! Sting smacks Ambrose with his bat protecting the man! The ref is still fighting with Abraham he's not even watching what's going on! Sting and Ambrose begin to brawl Ambrose now realizes the man wasn't Sting he turns his attention towards Sting! Ambrose tackles Sting against the barricade real fast Sting smacks him on the back with the bat! Sting pulls Ambrose by his hair and throws him in the ring real fast! Kofi turns and sees Ambrose he bounces off the ropes going for the boom drop! Kofi hits it Kofi's looking for the trouble in paradise! Ambrose is standing back up Sting is outside watching what's going on. Kofi jumps in the air for the kick Ambrose ducks and craddle roll ups Kofi!


Abraham pulls the ref out of the ring! Kofi pulls in Ambrose for the SOS Ambrose rolls through the move he kicks Kofi in the gut he pulls him in! He goes for the midnight special! Kofi falls backwards he has Ambrose rolled up the ref runs back into the ring to count the pin! Abraham runs to the other side of the ring he grabs Kofis hands for leverage. Ambrose is able to get out he rolls over once more able to stand up for Kofi in his arms! Ambrose he hits it............


He goes for a cover 1...............................2................................. Kofi is able to kick out before the 3. Ambrose is now stalking Kofi for the knee trembler Ambrose runs at Kofi! Kofi is dragged out of the ring by Abraham Washington both men begin to walk away!

*Kofi is shouting "Injustice" as he heads towards the back the crowd begins to boo Ambrose stands in the ring not knowing what to do. The ref is on the count of 5 Kofi turns back towards the ring Ambrose is shouting "Come on!". Kofi runs backs into the ring he isn't done here! Dean and Kofi begin to brawl Sting is still standing outside of the ring. Ambrose with a knee to the mouth of Kofi! He fallls to the ground Ambrose goes for the cover on Kofi! Sting walks towards the ropes right before the pin count. He puts Kofis leg on the ropes. Dean turns his attention towards Sting. Ambrose runs outside the ring and jumps Sting Ambrose isn't interested anymore in this match as he wants to kill Sting now.*

Ambrose walks towards Sting yelling "You're dead Stinger" the lights go out and back on Sting is not in front of Amborse anymore. Ambrose is now going crazy he's screaming "Come back here Stinger" Ambrose doesn't notice Kofi waiting behind him Kofi jumps in the air for the trouble in paradise! Kofi runs back into the ring the ref is now counting as Ambrose is out cold. The ref is at a 8 count Ambrose isn't getting back up. Sting reappears as he steps over the barricade he walks towards Ambrose and just looks at him as the ref counts 10. This match is over Kofi has just won by count out Kofi and Abraham begin to head to the back. Ambrose is trying to stand back up Sting pulls him by his hair and throws him into the ring. Sting rolls in the ring and just looks at the out of breathe Ambrose........

*Sting gets in Ambrose face and says "You're not so tough now are you Ambrose?" Sting gets behind Ambrose he pulls his head in for a scorpion death drop! Sting screams as he's about to hit the move! Ambrose rolls out of it he tackles Sting to the ground! Both men begin to fight it out in the ring! Ambrose has Sting bleeding now from his punches. Sting elbows Ambrose in the head he is starting to fight back the blood is flowing down Stings face. Ambrose grabs Stings head and bashes it against the turnbuckle. He's going crazy right now he starts kneeing Sting multiple times in the face! Sting is trying to get back up he just can't right now. The trainers and some of the wrestlers and the refs come out to the ring to separate this attack! Ambrose is pulled back Sting is being tended to... Ambrose pushes through the crowd of men and runs at Sting for a ....................*


*All the men in the ring begin to hold Ambrose back!!!*

*Ambrose is punching Sting in the face everyone is trying to hold Ambrose back he's not stopping this assault! Ambrose is pushed to the other side of the ring and is held back! Sting is being tendered to again! Ambrose rolls out of the ring really fast he walks fast up the ramp towards the back. Ambrose walks behind the curtain and turns towards the camera and begins to speak.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

You see what I just did out there?! I don't even care I lost by count out Kofi you're an excuse for a wrestler how dare you attack me when I wasn't looking! One day well have another match and I'll do what I just did to Sting to you. Stinger the blood on my hands right now is yours how do you feel about that! *Ambrose appears on the titan-tron right now.* This is just the first beating you're going to receive from me. The next series of beatings will be way worse. Did you see all those people holding me back do you see I don't stop until I do what I say I'm going to do. My goal was to go out there tonight and beat the life out of you. I did so and now you're being helped to the back. You better not pass me Stinger because I'll just go crazy. You know that look in a persons eye when they just lose it? That happened just before Stinger you made the mistake by messing with my match!

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Next week I want to hear from you what is was like getting kneed in the head. Getting punched over and over and over in the head. I just want to know what was going through your head as that was happening. Well find out next week folks from our friend the RWF super hero and I ain't talking about Hurricane! I'm talking about the man I just scarred in the ring. Sting if you're able to bounce back from that beating congratulation because that means you're ready for another. Please stop hitting me Dean it hurts Dean please Dean I'm bleeding Dean! *Dean laughs* No remorse for my actions. The games have just begun Stinger I'm playing with your mind I'm inside your head now. Tonight when you dream just dream about me breathing over you punching your bloody face. You made me snap Stinger it was you! You have to deal with the result! Your career has ran it's course it's my time Stinger! You should have stayed in your rafters away from me. Better safe then sorry Stinger *Dean Laughs* You weren't safe tonight you're no longer safe Stinger the fun will continue next week!

*Dean Ambrose's begins to walk to the back after just completely going crazy in the ring and on the mic. The crowd has no response they've just seen Ambrose snap when he attacked Sting. RWF RAW cuts to the next segment.*


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Superstar of the show: Dean Ambrose (RAW 12/30/2012 - 1/6/2013)
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PostSubject: Re: Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston   Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:15 pm

From RCP...

Pgay and Alctraz no fighting talk about it in PC or whatever lol


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Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston
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