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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Dean Ambrose vs James Storm

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Not PJ

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PostSubject: Dean Ambrose vs James Storm   Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:14 pm

*Dean Ambrose theme hits begins to come out to the ring.*

*He's smiling as he gets to make his debut right now the crowd is booing him due to what he said earlier to Sting. Dean walks up the ramp and into the ring awaiting his opponent. James Storms theme hits as he runs down to the ring he slides into the ring awaiting the bell to sound! Dean and James lock up as the bell rings the match begins*

James Storm pushes Dean down Dean gets back up and kicks James in the stomach. Storm trying to fight back throws a punch at Ambrose he dodges and goes for a forward chop block. He hits it Dean grabs the leg of Storm and begins to stomp on it Storm with his other leg kicks Dean in the head. Storm runs at Ambrose about to hit a spear Dean dodges Storm flies into the turnbuckle! Ambrose rolls up Storm.

1..... Storm kicks out at 1

Dean grabs Storm by the back of his hair and bashes his head against the turnbuckle. Dean lifts up Storm and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Ambrose begins to deliver huge shots the face of Storm. Storm fights back he hits Ambrose in the side of the head with a hook. Storm dives off the top ropes at Ambrose! Ambrose with the mid air drop kick to the face of Storm. Ambrose stomps on the face of Storm he grabs him by his head and lifts him up. Ambrose pulls Storm in he lifts him up in a suplex position Dean hits a huge suplex to Storm! He covers Storm !

1.... Storm kicks out at 1!

Ambrose goes to the other side of the ring now stalking Storm. He's setting up for that devastating knee trembler he awaits Storm to stand up! Dean runs across the ring Storm sees it coming he hits a HUGE super kick to the face of Ambrose! Storm with the cover!

1.... 2.... Ambrose kicks out at 2

Storm is now stalking Ambrose himself he jumps in the air for a backstabber to Ambrose. Ambrose quickly grabs the ropes avoiding backstabber. Ambrose turns around and see's Storm attempting to get up! Ambrose runs at him and knees him right in the head. Ambrose grabs Storm and lifts him up setting up for a midnight special!

Ambrose hits the midnight special on James Storm! He quickly covers Storm!


And the winner of the match is Dean Ambrose!

*Dean puts on his shirt and jacket and begins to walk to the back he stops for a second and grabs a mic he begins to speak.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

You see Stinger do you see how fast I'm able to stop someone? Do you see what I just did I am slowly becoming unstoppable and when we finally meet in the ring you'll learn this. Sting I'm not going to be generic and challenge you to a match just to beat you and end every single tie I have with you. Nope I'm going to get inside your head I'm going to make you hate yourself then when I finally have full control over your feeble mind then and only then will I end you. James Storm was the unlucky one tonight having my knee meet the side of his side. Will the same fate happen to you Stinger? Will you have my knee in the side of your head? We will find out everyone in the RWF universe will find out. It's time Stinger for me to put you out behind the barn. Good luck in your match tonight Stinger I'll make sure to make an special appearance just for you.

*Ambrose mutters under his breathe as he's walking away. "Everybody goes a little bit crazy sometimes then begins to laugh. Ambrose drops his mic and begins to head to the back RWF Heat cuts to the next segment.*


"Everybody goes a little bit crazy sometimes."
"Can you please..... SHUT THE HELLLLLLLLL UP."

Superstar of the show: Dean Ambrose (RAW 12/30/2012 - 1/6/2013)
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Dean Ambrose vs James Storm
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