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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo

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Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Empty
PostSubject: Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo   Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 3:33 pm

*Dean Ambrose's theme hits it doesn't look like he's coming out to the ring. The lights begin to fade Ambrose appears on the screen. He looks as if he's flipping out he keeps running his hands through his hair. This video looks like it was pre-recorded Ambrose begins to speak...*

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Vshot0318

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Hello, I decided it would be best if I per-recorded this video. Just to get my thoughts out because I know I'm probably going to be too in the zone to talk on the mic. Last night as everybody knows I beat the life out of Sting. He was left in that ring lifeless, battered and bleeding. I did that to him and I came to the realization I can that to anybody! Sting I'd like to thank you for allowing me to get my message out. Sting isn't going to be the only person I maul. Sting got lucky because I will learn new ways to hurt my opponents Sting just got a first taste of how I hurt my opponents.

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Vshot0317

[[Dean Ambrose]]

I pity you Stinger I know you were the one who requested this match tonight. You want to end things with me you don't want to deal with Mr. Dean Ambrose anymore don't you?! You're a joke Stinger you don't know what it's like to be in the ring with somebody like me. You made the biggest mistake of your life because tonight I am going to do what I did last week and hurt you. The goal of the match is to make your opponent bleed so prepare to bleed. It takes a lot to make me bleed not even that bat of yours is going to make me bleed. I use everything in the ring to my advantage I'm going to hurt you with anything I can put my hands on. Tonight a legend dies I am the run who's going to put Stinger to bed put him to sleep! He will not wake up from this attack this assault I will be delivering to him. You think I'm joking you think I'm hyping this match but I'm not. I'm serious when I speak I plan exactly what I'm going to do in my head then do it in the ring. It never falls NEVER FALLS STINGER IT NEVER FALLS *Ambrose Laughs.*

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Vshot0322

*Ambrose throws his hands in the air.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Everybody will be praising me after our match. They want you gone you're nothing but a spotlight hog. I despise men like you taking air time away from actual tonight. That is why I picked a fight with you Stinger I knew if I was to take you nobody would have to deal with you anymore!

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Vshot0335

[[Dean Ambrose]]

You can not stop fate Sting. Your time runs out tonight prepare for a fight actual prepare for a brawl because that is exactly what it's going to be a brawl. Well find out now who is the bigger man prove me wrong Stinger. Attempt to shut me up make me look like a fool for saying what I am saying. Show that I can't back up my words! Sadly that isn't going to happen because the clock runs out tonight. Today will be the day I snap and hurt the man I've been saying I'm going to hurt for the past month.....

*Ambrose pre-recorded fades as his Dean begins to hit. Ambrose begins to wake out to the ring*

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Normal_vlcsnap-00253Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Normal_vlcsnap-00258Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Normal_vlcsnap-00274Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Normal_vlcsnap-00285

*Ambrose steps into the ring and awaits his opponent Sting to come out.. His theme begins to hit! The lights are fading everyone is looking for Sting Ambrose is taking weapons out from underneath the ring. A table, a kendo stick, a frying pan and a ladder.....The lights hit the rafters Ambrose looks up towards the rafters screaming "lets go Sting" The lights turn back on Sting is right behind Ambrose! He smacks him hit in the back with his bat! Ambrose falls the bell rings to start this FIRST BLOOD MATCH*

Sting is mauling Ambrose with that bat Ambrose is blocking is face to avoid bleeding. Sting is hitting him everyone with that bat the crowd is going crazy! Sting low drop kicks Ambrose sending him flying outside the ring. Sting rolls out of the ring on the other side he grabs the table Ambrose pulled out. Sting picks it up and puts it in the ring!

Sting is setting it up in the corner as Ambrose is standing back up it appears he has a kendo stick in his hand Sting doesn't notice Ambrose sneaking in from the other side of the ring. Ambrose with the sneak shot hits Sting in the legs with the kendo! Ambrose is smacking Stings back with the kendo Sting kicks Ambrose in the knee he backs up for a second. Sting gets up grabs his bat and runs at Ambrose! He swings with the bat Ambrose ducks Ambrose swings with the kendo stick Sting ducks and hits him in the gut with the bat! Sting pulls him in for a quick DDT! Sting walks towards the table he set up as Ambrose is trying to stand up. Ambrose rolls out of the ring to avoid another bat attack. Sting is screaming for Ambrose to get into the ring. Ambrose rolls back in he has a frying pan in his hand. Ambrose runs at Sting with the frying pan Sting dodges he lifts Ambrose up for a scoop slam!! Ambrose elbows Sting in the head and falls off his back.... AMBROSE IS STALKING STING FOR THE KNEE! IF AMBROSE HITS THIS HE MIGHT MAKE STING BLEED!!!!


STING IS ABLE TO DODGE THE KNEE!!! Sting lifts up his bat he swings at Ambrose. Ambrose ducks and punches Sting in the ribs Sting backs up towards the ropes Ambrose runs at Stings legs for a forward chop block. Sting falls to the ground Ambrose is now stomping on Stings head. Ambrose kicks Sting out of the ring Ambrose walks towards the table and takes it out of the corner. Ambrose sets it up in the ring Sting got up quick Ambrose doesn't notice him bringing in the ladder. Sting is now behind Ambrose with a ladder! Sting runs at Ambrose with the ladder ! HE HITS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH THE LADDER!!!! Ambrose falls to the ground Sting lifts up Ambrose and goes for a Scorpian Death Drop!


Sting starts punching Ambrose in the head trying to make him bleed! Sting grabs Ambrose legs now and goes for........ THE SCORPION DEATH LOCK!!! Ambrose is able to roll through the move Ambrose grabs Stings legs he's coping his move now! AMBROSE HAS THE DEATH LOCK ALMOST LOCKED IN!!! Sting knowing it's his own move is able to fight out real quickly. Ambrose and Sting are now facing eachother in the ring.. Ambrose with a slap... Sting with a punch.... Ambrose with a punch... Sting with a OVER HAND punch .... Ambrose with a rib shot... Sting with a gut kick... Sting starts punching the back of Ambrose!

Ambrose is able to fight back he starts punching Sting all over. He hits him in the gut and in the face Ambrose grabs Sting by the head he jumps in the air and hits a knee Sting is backing up. Ambrose walks towards him he pulls him in looking for a suplex on the ladder! Ambrose lifts him up and slams him with a suplex on the ladder! Ambrose starts setting up the ladder he's climbing the ladder! Ambrose notices he forgot to set up the table he looks down as Sting begins to climb up! Sting and Ambrose brawl at the top of the ladder! Both men punching each other back and forth! Ambrose is attempting to the do the midnight special off the ladder Sting is able to fight out of it. Sting pokes Ambrose right in the eyes he grabs his head!


Both men are just out Sting isn't as hurt as Ambrose is who is screaming from all the pain. Ambrose is able to get out of the ring he's still in a lot of pain. Ambrose is looking under the ring he pulls out a bag.. Sting is looking at Ambrose getting ready to fight again. Ambrose places the bag in the corner of the ring and goes back into the ring. Sting immediately starts attacking Ambrose! He is able to fight back and kicks Sting in the leg Ambrose pulls Sting in for a piledriver! Sting reverses it and goes for his own piledriver! Sting changed his mind and now lifts Ambrose up for a powerbomb! Ambrose is trying to fight out of it he punches the head of Sting several times. Ambrose is now setting on the top rope. Sting gave up going for the powerbomb he's now going for a top rope suplex. Sting punches Ambrose in the face to stun him for a second. Ambrose is setting on the top rope now. Sting is trying to set up the table really fast he walks towards the bag Ambrose put down and opens it.....


Sting walks towards the top rope Ambrose looks like he's playing possum Sting doesn't realize it.... Ambrose kicks Sting in the balls as he's climbing the ropes Ambrose grabs Stings head and his legs... What is Ambrose doing..>~!??! OH NO HE'S GOING FOR IT!!!!!



Sting is screaming Ambrose rolls out of the ring really fast he wants to end this match... Ambrose grabs the steel steps and puts them in the ring... Sting is on the ground trying to stand up tacks are in his back... Ambrose lifts up the steps and runs towards Sting. SMACK right in the head with the steps to Sting. Sting is trying to stand up again he's just so dazed. Ambrose one more time SMACK in the head with the steps! Sting is almost out of this match Ambrose drops the steps his stalking him he's waiting Ambrose bounces off the ropes and.....


*Sting is now bleeding.*

The winner of the match : Dean Ambrose

*Ambrose just looks at Sting as he's getting tended to. Ambrose just rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic ...*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Who's next?

*Ambrose drops the mic and begins to head to the back.*

Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo Tumblr_mcxixw3hWi1rh6vpho1_500

"Everybody goes a little bit crazy sometimes."
"Can you please..... SHUT THE HELLLLLLLLL UP."

Superstar of the show: Dean Ambrose (RAW 12/30/2012 - 1/6/2013)
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Dean Ambrose vs Sting + Ambrose Promo
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