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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Ambrose has some words for Sting

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PostSubject: Ambrose has some words for Sting   Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:37 pm

*Dean Ambrose's theme hits as he begins to come to the ring. The lights are flickering on and off as Dean walks down the ramp. His theme is still playing as Ambrose walks towards the announce table he grabs a mic then walks towards the front of the ring. Ambrose's music begins to fade as he begins to speak.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

You thought I was playing games Stinger! You thought that I wasn't serious when I said I hurt people. Your friend Ultimate Warrior he's not coming back a for a while I'm the reason for that. I'm the man who took him out I made him a bloody mess! Hopefully you got the message clearly Stinger I just imagined that The Ultimate Warrior was you when I was beating him up. You'll suffer the same fate once I get my hands on you. Every night I just lay in my bed thinking about how I'm going to hurt you. Do you think I'm a sick person if I'm having these thoughts? Do you think I'm crazy Stinger? Maybe I got a screw loose who knows all I know is I'm to the point where I'm about to just snap. Any minute now Mr. Dean Ambrose could snap and go on a brutal rampage. Do you want to see that happen Sting maybe if you come out here It could happen. I'm inviting you out here any second now you'll be out here preaching none sense. I'm just waiting for it come out here and be that generic man you've been for the last 20 years!

*Ambrose is shaking right now he's acting a little crazy everytime he talks about Sting.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Well I guess that isn't going to happen. It's sad because I can tell you fear me you can keep saying you don't but I can tell. The way you look at me you know I'm the one who's going to end your career. This is why you assaulted me with that bat last week. You knew if you didn't have a weapon I would have mauled you. I would have broke your damn legs Stinger! Try me one more time bring the bat I don't care hit me I'll even let you hit me! I'll get joy out of it knowing "The Icon" Sting is hitting me with his signature bat! Do you see me carrying any weapons Stinger? I use my fists as weapons this is why I'm a threat to anybody who's in the ring with me. My hands are able to make people bleed very, very quickly. Years and years of brawling has done this to me. I have so many things in my arsenal to take you out. So please one last time I beg of you come out to the ring. Come join the fun I'll be waiting right here buddy.

*Ambrose awaits Sting to come out to the ring. He looks up thinking he's in the rafters.... Sting's music hits the whole arena goes dark he appears on the titan-tron...*

*The whole arena is going wild Ambrose is not impressed the camera cuts back to him.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

Was that suppose to scare me? Did you think I'd just go running to the back once I saw you on the screen?! Where are you enough with the games I'm the one who's playing the games I'm the puppet master in this not you!

*Ambrose is cut off as the lights shine towards the rafters.*

[[Dean Ambrose]]

This is what I've been waiting for show yourself you coward!



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PostSubject: Re: Ambrose has some words for Sting   Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:33 am

All lights go off...nothing can be seen, except some mobiles and flashes from the audience

The Crowd Goes Wild, But there is no sign of Sting as the Lights Go on....Suddenly Sting is shown the Titantron, Dean Ambrose is shocked as that looks Live from on top of the Announcers table!. Ambrose closes his eyes and takes a turn to see Sting exactly where the Titantron was showing...

As Dean Ambrose stands still in the ring, Sting takes a few steps closer as he climbs on the ring behind the ropes with his bat...As Ambrose takes one step back. The Lights go off again...

Sting: Dean Ambrose, Do you really think i was in any condition for assaulting you after a match like that against Ultimate Warrior. I wish i was so i could have saved him, but im lucky i was able to win that match after your distractions and against such an opponent. Let me ask you something, Do you really think you would be in any condition to move if i hit you with a bat?

Sting: Im guessing, you still believe you encountered the real me, after those lights went off last night? Ignorant... you see Ambrose, Im not afraid of anything. If i was it would more likely be one of those fiction creatures than a loonatic like you. You haven't even seen crazy yet, Maybe you will in due time though.

Sting comes down from rafters on a cord, as he keeps talking....

Sting: I wouldn't be suprised that you would like to be hit by me with a bat, but im declining those free invitations. As im just not like that myself, so im sorry about that one. I will however, gladly give you a taste of it through a match sometime. It's ironic you mock me with the rafters, complain about my bat. The only thing your known from is coming from the crowd like a coward with two other men. Never alone, and that one match you end up having...your mostly seen with a Table ladder or chair...Tell me, is there.. a screw loose? Mr...Dean Ambrose, because you seem to be getting out of material.

Sting is now in The Ring much closer to Ambrose than before, Staring intensely at him. He throws the bat to Dean...after showing some signs of doubt, and a clear opportunity, He quickly grabs the bat and goes for Sting!.....

The Lights Go Off....As you hear a voice say....."We will meet again"

[End Promo]


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Ambrose has some words for Sting
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