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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Lights, camera....action!

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Lights, camera....action! Empty
PostSubject: Lights, camera....action!   Lights, camera....action! EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 12:16 am

Lights, camera....action! 83HJM

An unknown man appears on the titantron in a sunny looking garden.

Joey Ryan
Lights! Camera! Action!, thats right RWF it's me, Hollywoods own JOEY RYAN! I stand here in my own backyard to bring a message to the whole of the wrestling universe. For those of you who don't know me I have been independently wrestling making a living for myself for the past 12 years. I could be what you say, the best at what I do. I'am here to earn the money and get the chicks. But don't let my deadly good looks fool you, I can hold up what I say in the ring no question about it. I'am here to bring about a new era never seen before by any of you sat here in the audience in front of me today or by any of the millions watching at home. I'am here, to bring......sleazy......BACK. Lock up your daughters and hide your wives ladies and gentlemen because Joey Ryan has been let loose and intends on making the most out of my Hollywood lifestyle.

Lights, camera....action! KTKU2

Joey Ryan
But on a more serious note, I'am due to catch the plane from my hometown to join you. As tonight is the debut of Joey Ryan. Tonight is the start of a legacy. Tonight is the night everybody will be chanting my name and will remember it forever. And that's because this unknown talent that stands before you right now has been booked against your World Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now maybe he thinks hes the best there is in RWF when he's swearing at the camera's and drinking his famous cans of beer on live TV. He isn't so great when his wife is home and lonely so Joey has to pay a visit and show here some lovin. So not only have a shown your life what a real man is like. Tonight I will show the whole of the RWF universe what a real man is like when I defeat there World Champ and just like that. After one match. I prove to everybody just what a huge talent I'am. And i'm not just talking about my downstairs department if you know what I mean.

Lights, camera....action! XXBfo

Joey Ryan
[i]But with that aside. Which isn't so easy with the size of it. Tonight I set out to make an impact. An impact like no other. Because weather it be a superkick to the jaw or a pedigree face down into the mat. Joey Ryan will put Stone Cold, OUT COLD. And then after I do that and after my celebratory party in the back with a countless amount of hot chicks. I will have my name in lights, I will show the nation that Joey Ryan is World Champion material. Because defeating Stone Cold tonight will not only show how much better than him I actually am. It will be the rest of you! Who will want a new champion. And his name is......

Lights, camera....action! 7lb0k
Joey Ryan
JOEYYYY RYANNN! Bringing sleazy back in 2013 woooo!
Now lights,camera,action.....AND CUT.


Lights, camera....action! D3aBNsZ

Lights, camera....action! J8Efc

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PostSubject: Re: Lights, camera....action!   Lights, camera....action! EmptyTue Jan 15, 2013 5:46 am

Lights Go Back On...

The Crowd Goes Beserk!

Jim Ross: Bah Gawd! It's The Texas Rattlesnake, It's Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold!
Jerry 'The King' Lawler: The World Heavyweight Champion is live here tonight! In Palo Alto, California!

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way straight towards the ring, carrying the World Heavyweight Championship on his right shoulder. He enters the ring going post to post adressing the RWF Universe attending tonight!

Lights, camera....action! Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTP1ZRYD0pvwcF7ux-cBd1CU_9YJm1p6RnSO5DmDrCWsLyCavARaUjivfgY

And the one's watching at home. The crowd tries to settle down as Steve Austin is given a microphone from ringside.

Jim Ross: Stone Cold Steve Austin, is our first WHC in RWF history! I can't wait to hear what he has to say here tonight.
Jerry 'The King' Lawler: Especially since his unannounced absence last week right here on Raw!

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I'm here not only to explain why Stone Cold wasn't here last week, but also to adress that man behind the titantron a minute ago. Talking about beating me and getting chicks, visiting my wife back home who's probably still stronger than him.

Lights, camera....action! 2h55rlu
The Crowd Cheers

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Now the fact of the matter is, In my match against Hulk Hogan two weeks ago from today. A match everyone has been looking forward to since so many years. Hogan managed to win, it was my first loss right in here a RWF Ring infront of a live audience and to be honest i wouldn't have cared even if it was for the World Heavyweight Championship...only if Hulk would played by the rules. Hitting Stone Cold with a brass Knuckle and then still pulling off a dirty pin, not only shows what it takes for Hulk Hogan to take me down. But what a coward of a man he has become once again under his NWO clothes.

The Crowd Boo's

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Unfortunatly, Hulk Hogan managed to draw blood and a slight concussion and i was not allowed to compete by these so called RWF doctors. But....still i look forward to beating you, once we face again in the near future. Don't be mistaken Hogan, if this is the kinda of game you want to play, its exactly what Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to give you...

Lights, camera....action! Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRuRygJEyX8dvbVCJ46H0LZQ34slZGsFOmhWMgrmcGt6yij7pnPylG-WfgU9w
The Crowd Goes Crazy

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Now for more recent events, My opponent tonight is Joey Ryan.....

Stone Cold pauses as he seems to smirk...

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I for a fact don't know who the heck you are and after seeing, and hearing you speak a few minutes ago behind that big screen there. I certainly couldn't care less, it's only fitting that im given a break after a forced week off and unexpected brass knuckle. Joey, you seem dillusional to me, you do realize the beer i drink isn't famous, its any local american beer from all these cities and towns we visit every week, and this isn't hollywood...i don't understand if your gimmick is as outdated as your brain. Because this is the RWF! And here we don't get paid to act, WRESTLE

Lights, camera....action! Raw4020106
The Crowd Goes Wild And Start Cheering "RWF"

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Since i've been in a few movies myself, and I actually have some experience in Hollywood. I actually do see you fitting right in with those idiots, considering your one yourself. Now before Stone Cold walks later out here tonight and stomps a mudhole in you and walks it dry, do you really expect any "chicks" at all to be intrested in a sad pathetic beaten little boy left in the ring with only his collected and cello taped pubic hair on his face....

The Crowd Laughs And Chants "Pubic Hair"

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Don't worry too much though, you can't expect much less if your facing a real wrestler in ring instead of jobbers for the past 12 years independently. Im not saying, there isn't indy talent but if it went by your name i definatly would have heard of you. But after facing the WHC here tonight, everyone will have heard of you....and that's the bottom line cuz,

The Crowd Joins Austin....

"Stone Cold Said So."

[End Promo]


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Lights, camera....action! Austin2
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Lights, camera....action! Enctrancepk3
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Lights, camera....action!
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