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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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PostSubject: Opener [Big Things]   Opener [Big Things] EmptySun Dec 23, 2012 9:09 pm

Jim Ross: We've got an incredible line up scheduled for tonight! We're set to give witness to RWF's First Ever PPV. The champions will be crowned, and we'll even see a match where the loser won't be able to win championships!

Jerry Lawler: That's right and we'll be seeing some tag team action tonight. The newly formed team of CM Punk and Tyson Kidd will be facing off one on one with Ultimo Dragon and Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross: Not only that, but Sheamus and his partner Austin Aries are set to challenge AJ Styles and Batista in a match where the losing captain can't go after a title until after World War!

Jerry Lawler: And the action doesn't stop there... We're also going to see a clash between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho with various members of nWo and Jericho Alliance at ringside. That's going to be a great one!

Jim Ross: And speaking of nWo, their leader, Kevin Nash is set to go face to face with The Game! Nash admitted Triple H has gotten the better of him in the past so he offered him a chance to join forces, but Triple H didn't even think about his offer and now they're going one on one in a steel cage!

Jerry Lawler: And then we're also set to have a match between HBK and his opponent, Ryback! Will Shawn Michaels become our first Intercontinental Champion? Or will the Heartbreak Kid just walk away with his heart-broken?

Jim Ross: I'm not sure, but what I am sure about is our main event. We're going to see The Miz and Stone Cold Steve Austin battle it out for the first crowning of the World Heavyweight Champion! I'm pumped!

Jerry Lawler: Me too, JR, we'll either have Stone Cold or The Miz, but either way we are going to have our first champion crowned here tonight! And wait- what

{Eric Bischoff's theme song hits! The crowd is in a mixed frenzy of boos and cheers, but nobody knows why he's here. Bischoff comes out onto the top of the ramp and has a smirk on his face. The crowd is mixed between boos and cheers, but it's loud for the first sign of the start of the Pay Per View.}

Opener [Big Things] PZLYd

Jim Ross: Bah gawd King, it's Bischoff! What is he doing here?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know JR, but our general manager has yet to be revealed... So there's nobody to stop him!

{Bischoff casually walks down the ramp to the extremely loud reaction. Eric reaches the end of the ramp and steps inside the ring where the fans continue their loud reaction. He walks around a bit holding his microphone, quietly waiting for the noise to die down so he can talk. Once it does, he begins to speak.}

Opener [Big Things] L2Dbr

Eric Bischoff: I'm back! After years of being away, finally, I'm back in wrestling. The man who single-handily shot WCW up in ratings and surpassed WWF for 83 weeks is back! The same WWF that fans today still wish existed, the same WWF that everybody is infatuated with, I beat! But those days are gone, and now neither of them exist... Just RWF. And why do you think I'm here? Well, as you should know by now, there's no General Manager, no Owner, no authority. But that's going to change. Whoever has been making these shows happen has done a terrible job, but that's going to stop. I'm here to make the changes that need to be made. These shows are now under my control because I received a call from RWF offices instructing me that they were looking for somebody to take the reigns of this company and that person... is me.

{The crowd is shocked and there's another loud reaction.}

Opener [Big Things] DDcOG

Eric Bischoff: Don't get too excited yet because the best has yet to come. I'm not just here to tell you that things are going to get better because I've proven I'm better than that. I'm here to make change. I've seen the potential in this place and that's why I'm here, but you all need me to drive you to the heights you could possibly reach. With my signing come several changes... First, there's going to be a United States Championship match tonight. That's right, I'm introducing a new championship and that match will be between two men I'm familiar with in Eddie Guerrero and Hulk Hogan, and then one that I've only just begun to know in Dolph Ziggler. These three men have built names for themselves so far in RWF and I'll be the one to give them their chance to further their reputations.

Opener [Big Things] P0G6R

Eric Bischoff: But that's just the beginning. I'm announcing two new shows, not one, but two. Every Saturday Night we'll have a Saturday Night's Main Event showing where superstars will compete in an additional show. And that show will feature a title of its own, this title hasn't been seen in quite some time... I'm talking about a European Championship that's defended every week there! And the other show? We're going to be adding a second brand, a brand also from back in my day, Nitro will be making its debut in RWF!

Opener [Big Things] Kx4fu

Eric Bischoff: And if you think that I'm done yet, then you really don't know me. The next announcement is that there's going to be something it seems everyone is eager for, something that in these days you don't see too often... There's going to be a Tag Team Championship. The tag competitors will be closely monitored by none other than yours truly and next month at Destruction, the first tag team champions will be crowned in one of the two Hell in a Cell Battle Royals scheduled for that Pay Per View! And now there's one more thing left to announce... Just one final announcement that you all need to hear. I came back because as you can see, there's the nWo, the Main Event Mafia, and so many alliances running around here. If there's one person who knows the most about alliances, then it's me. The nWo is a poison, at one time I was apart of them, but now, all they're going to do is bring us down. That's why I'm forming my own alliance, an alliance of power, a stable that will dominate each and every pathetic formation that you're trying to call dominating. Other than myself... There's four of us. We are the Corporation, but the others won't be revealed yet... Just you wait, nWo, and Main Event Mafia, because the Corporation will be your demise.

Opener [Big Things] HzOU0

Eric Bischoff: So ladies and gentlemen, I suggest you kick back & relax, because the rest of this Pay Per View is going to be the most action packed, most anticipated, and overall the best you've seen out of the RWF yet.

{Eric Bischoff's theme song hits as the crowd pops into another frenzy for him and we head to our next segment.}


P.S. The commentary to start may be a bit off because I did this with an older version of the card.


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