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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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PostSubject: Jericho Alliance    Jericho Alliance  EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 4:28 am

*Chris Jericho is shown backstage it appears he's about to be interviewed by Josh Matthews. Jericho doesn't seem to be in a good mood Josh Matthews begins to speak.*

Jericho Alliance  WWERaw20thSept2010ScreenCapsChrisJerichovsMorrisonDvdTalkPromo121

[[Josh Matthews]]

Chris, good job on your win last week you really showed that you have what it takes to become world champion. Tonight, you go one on one with Dolph Ziggler do you think you have what it takes to beat him tonight and go on to the next round?

Jericho Alliance  Y2JGallery30August20105-2

[[Chris Jericho]]

Do you like asking me stupid questions. Yes, I obviously think I'm going to beat Dolph tonight. I'm on a whole other level than everyone else in this tournament. They should just give me the belt already that belt is what the Jericho Alliance needs. Once I capture the world title nobody is going to take it away from me. With Ryback in my corner it's going to be very difficult. Ryback understands that being in the Jericho Alliance he has a chance to accomplish a lot more here in RWF. Once others understand this the Jericho Alliance will become unstoppable. I'll make sure everybody achieves I'm RWF's savior I see a lot of people here with of untapped potential. I have the ability to bring out that potential. I did it to Ryback I can do it to you, Ryback is slowly becoming the most unstoppable man in RWF just think about what you can be.

Jericho Alliance  WWERaw20thSept2010ScreenCapsChrisJerichovsMorrisonDvdTalkPromo155

[[Chris Jericho]]

And just think about it you'll be working with the world champion. In only a few weeks I will have that belt around my waist. A man by the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin is a fool to think he's going to become champion. He does not have what it takes Austin I suggest you give up now before you get hurt. Actually I suggest that to everyone who thinks they're going to beat me in this tournament. Tonight, I will show why Jericho Alliance should not be messed with. I'll show why you should free us Dolph I'm going to beat you up and make you regret ever thinking about stepping foot in the ring with me. When I say I'm going to do something I do it so you better be ready tonight.

[[Josh Matthews]]

Very interesting Chris as you said before you're not worried about Stone Cold is there anyone you're worried about? Maybe even The Miz he seems to be the dark horse of the tournament.

Jericho Alliance  Y2JGallery30August201018-2

[[Chris Jericho]]

The Miz is that some sort of joke? I battled with The Undertaker and you're asking me if I'm worried about The Miz? To answer your question no I am not worried about The Miz I am not worried about anybody. I've seen all these men wrestle in the ring and I've heard them all speak they can not live up to their words. I myself can live up to my words I do so every week. That's what makes those men hypocrites vile dirty hypocrites. I don't associate with any of my opponents in the tournament. I wouldn't even bother to ask any of them to join the Jericho Alliance. They'd just bring shame upon us I'm going to bring glory to the Jericho Alliance when I do what I've been saying I'm going to do and win the world title. Mark my words tonight both members of the Jericho Alliance will walk out as winners. I hope you enjoyed having me speak to you Josh I realize that this was probably the highlight of your day.

[[Josh Matthews]]

Well actually....

*Jericho cuts off Josh.*

[[Chris Jericho]]

Shut your mouth.

*Jericho begins to walk away as Josh Matthews stands there dumbfounded. RWF Raw cuts to commercial.*

Jericho Alliance  Tumblr_mcxixw3hWi1rh6vpho1_500

"Everybody goes a little bit crazy sometimes."
"Can you please..... SHUT THE HELLLLLLLLL UP."

Superstar of the show: Dean Ambrose (RAW 12/30/2012 - 1/6/2013)
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