First Generation Championship Wrestlng

Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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    Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:28 pm
    Message by Cameron Kray - Application
    Name: Cameron Kray
    Height: 6"0
    Weight: 198 lbs

    Bottom of The Thames (Romero Dragon Sleeper)
    Tower of London

    Fisherman Suplex
    Fisherman Buster

    Moveset: Technical style. Mostly takedowns, suplexes and holds for grapples and martial art strikes
    Bio: Cameron Kray is a young man from Bethnal Green. After being bullied because of his family name, he chose to use some "family traditions" from that point forward to exact revenge.  Cameron intends to bring a new brand of violence to FGCW with his torturous technical style.

    Face/Heel: Heel
    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Physical Looks:
    Hair color: Brown
    Hair style: Crew cut hair with a 5 o'clock shadow esque beard
    Eye color: Blue

    Build: Between Skinny and Muscular
    Markings/etc: None

    Entrance attire:
    Ring gear with Jacket. If you could make the jack sat close to this as possible that would be great
    Visitor messages - Jimmy Starr Image12

    Ring attire:
    Upper Body: Taped Fists. Nothing else aside from that.
    Lower Body: White Tights. On the left leg I would like the St George Cross with the name Kray in white going down the horizontal line.
    Visitor messages - Jimmy Starr Image14
    (I know it says England but you get the Idea)

    On the right leg I would like to add a blood splattered Three Lions logo I made here:
    Visitor messages - Jimmy Starr Image13

    Plain black boots for feet and kneepads underneath the tights if possible. If not don't worry about the kneepads.
  2. xPr3dat0Rx
    Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:52 pm
    Message by xPr3dat0Rx - The Rock Vs The Miz
    hey, can you please send Player Uno 01 a message to see when he wants to have the match because he won't answer my messages.
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Jimmy Starr
Jimmy Starr