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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Chris Jericho Promo RAW: 12/2/2012-12/9/2012

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PostSubject: Chris Jericho Promo RAW: 12/2/2012-12/9/2012   Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:42 pm

*Chris Jericho's theme hits as he begins to come out to the ring. Jericho doesn't seem to be in a good mood due to what happened last week after his each counter with The Undertaker. Jericho is begins to walk down the ramp towards the ring.*

*Chris Jericho stands in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hand. Jericho begins to speak as he moves the mic towards his mouth.*

[[Chris Jericho]]

Before I begin I'd like to bring out a guest. This man is known for destroying anybody that gets in his way. He shares the same hatred of a certain man by the name of The Undertaker. This man is also a very intelligent as he agree's with everything I've been saying to him. Please allow me to bring out to the ring right now Ryback!

*Chris Jericho begins to clap as Ryback's theme hits. Ryback begins to walk down the ramp Ryback makes his way up the steps and into the ring he shakes the hand of Jericho and just stands in the corner silent as possible.*

[[Chris Jericho]]

Thank you Ryback for joining me out here. Ryback and myself have decided it would benefit both of us if I just do the talking and well you know what he does. I ran into Ryback last week and we had a nice talk about some people around here and some events that are occurring. We mainly talked about the world championship tournament we both came to the conclusion that whom ever holds that belt has the power. Both of us just love having power at this moment we don't have any, RWF needs somebody who can take the lead. I strongly feel that I am that person slowly I will gain power here in RWF and eventually become the most feared man. The first step will take place tonight as I take out a pathetic man by the name of Ted Dibiase. Ted I heard what you said about me and I don't approve. I suggest you watch your back tonight because after I beat you I'm going to have Ryback rip you in half. You're going to be an example for why people should respect me. It's a pity when people don't show me respect because I'm the type of person who will take action. Later tonight I'm going to take action and make Ted wish you never went on that mic.

[[Chris Jericho]]

After I defeat Ted Dibiase I will go on to the next round of the world title tournament. In which, I will win then win again and again until I become the RWF World Heavyweight Champion. My friend Ryback will capture the Intercontinental Championship thus giving us control of two belts. Once people realize we have the power they'll want to join us. Only the elite are able to join us as I don't tolerate lower life forms attempting to join forces with me. If you don't offer some sort of advantage you're not helpful to the cause. You may be thinking what is this cause? Very simple the cause is to gain control and to keep it. Once this begins there is no stopping it's inevitable. It's a shame Ryback and myself can't co-hold the world title but capturing the Intercontinental Championship will be just as good I suppose. Ryback was screwed over by a very dirty Undertaker. I hope I face you in the finals so I can get my revenge.

[[Chris Jericho]]

How dare you strike me you only hit me because I was getting under your skin. You couldn't take it, use your words not your fists Taker. You made yourself look more like an idiot last week. I talked you down and made you feel like lesser of a human being and you hit me. If I am ever in the same ring as you I wont hesitate to knock your ass out. Yes, I can talk and act just like you a neanderthal. You're not worth my time but I do hope you make it to the finals because then it will be a guaranteed win for me and I will be the world champion. With Ryback in my corner there is no stopping me. I ask anybody who feels the same way as me and Ryback to talk to me backstage because I will change your views about RWF. I will help you understand it will be best for you to join forces with me. All of my thoughts turn into actions I dreamt about this when I signed my contract. I imagined myself at the top of RWF with all my followers behind me all holding titles all being successful. Think about your future in RWF it will be much brighter with me and Ryback by your side. Tonight, Chris Jericho will make a statement tonight is my night.

[[Chris Jericho]]

Tonight, I will shut the mouths of the hypocrites. I will prove that I am the next world champion I will show what I can do in this very ring. I will not bring embarrassment to the myself by losing. Everything I'm saying is the truth no lies I don't bring lies to your ears. I'm a very honest man people worship me I don't want to upset them. I once again am calling out to those in the locker room thinking about their future. It will benefit you to be apart of us. Ryback the smart man he is thought of a great name for our new group Ryback please take his mic and tell the crowd the name.


The Jericho Alliance.

[[Chris Jericho]]

Yes, The Jericho Alliance what an excellent name I"m calling out the elite of RWF. Show me what you got I will be watching all the matches tonight and all your segments I am looking for talent. Even if you don't want a part of the Jericho Alliance I'll change that thought in your head very quickly. I am not out there to harm you I'm simply here to help me. Wouldn't you want help from the best in the world at what he does I sure would.

*Chris Jericho drops his mic and begins to head to the back. Ryback follows him as they both walk up the ramp. "The Jericho Alliance" the small group of only Ryback and Chris Jericho raise the hand in the air as the crowd boo's them. RWF RAW goes to commercial.*



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Chris Jericho Promo RAW: 12/2/2012-12/9/2012
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