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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.

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PostSubject: Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.   Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:09 am

{Crowd erupts as YO ITS ME ITS ME suddenly fills the arena, fans are looking around anxiously awaiting}

Jim Ross: OMG is that? It couldn't be

King: That music only belongs to one person JR.

{The music continues to play and the fans calm down as no emerges on the entrance ramp. Then all the sudden Page walks through and the roof starts shaking.}

Jim Ross: King he's here. Diamond Dallas Page is back in the RWF!

King: This is unbelievable. Page hasn't been seen in 10 years.

{The crowd is still going nuts for the return of Diamond Dallas Page. He goes to the corner and leans against the turnbuckles taking it all in. Then grabs a microphone still smiling.}

DDP: WOW! I haven't gotten a reaction like that since 1998! Man it feels good to be back standing in a RWF ring. In fact, the last time I was seen in this ring I was carted out on a stretcher. For those of you who might have forgotten, Hardcore "Bob" Holly dropped me on my neck.

{Fans start booing and then immediate start a chant of "DDP"}

DDP: Thanks, I know it may not have been a popular decision but it was the right one for my career. I looked in the mirror and thought man I'm 46 years old.. what am I still doing this for? I couldn't come up with a good answer so I left the RWF and professional wrestling. I retired leaving behind everything I worked so hard for over 10 years.

{At this point the fans begin to cheer page with chants of "You still got it"}

DDP: So everyone has got to be wondering... what is the retired 56 year old man doing here? Well I was sitting at home on the Jersey Shore... watching the current RWF product and couldn't believe how soft these guys have become. I mean look at everything I've done over my career. I feuded with "Macho Man" Randy Savage over my wife Kimberly.. which was just completely insane. Not to mention I debuted here by stalking the Undertaker's wife Sarah. I mean... where is that kind of intensity these days?

{Fans start a chant of "Undertaker" and Diamond Dallas Page smiles.}

King: JR lets not pretend that the Undertaker has forgotten about Page stalking his ex-wife.

Jim Ross: Not for a second King... but what exactly is Page here for?

DDP: Right... Undertaker I know you're watching and hopefully bygones can be bygones. The reason I'm here is because I'm looking through this locker room full of monkey boys thinking... I can do this. I can step back through these ropes and give it another go. I'm 56 years old but I'm in the best shape of my life! If you haven't tried my yoga program you should. Then maybe when you're 56 you can look like me. Maybe.

King: DDP has a yoga program?

Jim Ross: Damn right he does.. I've been doing it for years.

King: Really? {take a look at JR}

DDP: So let me get straight to the proverbial point of being out. I'm putting the WWE locker room on notice. I'm still as jacked as I've ever been.. whether it be 10 years ago... or 20 years ago. If you don't believe this old dog can still hunt.. I welcome you to come down here and put me to the test. But if you do.. be prepared to feel the BANG! {Page drops the mic and raises the diamond sign}

King: No way.. DDP is going to return to active competition?

Jim Ross: King I think business has just picked up.. Page is back. He's issued a challenge who's going to feel the bang?

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PostSubject: Re: Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.   Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:43 am

The Crowd Goes Crazy

King: Whattt??

Stone Cold Steve Austin walks down the ramp and towards the ring, in old fashion climbs each corner raising both hands for the crowd while staring at DDP in the middle of the ring.

King: I cant believe this, JR
JR:You better believe it, Stone Cold is here LIVE on monday night RAW! and Diamond Dallas Page is in the same ring, King

Stone Cold: Now i have been watching this almost every Monday Night at home, and week after week i just dont understand where this is going anymore. I think its time, for Stone Cold to raise hell again and give the fans what they like each and every Monday Night Raw!

Crowd Goes Crazy Chanting Hell Yeah!

Stone Cold: What i wanted to say is im bringing the Attitude where it belongs, but then....

Stone Cold looks at DDP, shakes his head and smile while raising the microphone to speak again

Stone Cold: This....guy right here walks down that ramp and starts talking like, anybody still cares who he is...

Stone Cold gets up close to the crowd chants WHAT??

Stone Cold: They didn't care who you were then and still dont care today.

Crowd chants WHAT?? as Stone Cold steps back looks at the crowd and turns around facing DDP

Stone Cold: You want a match DDP?

Crowd chants WHAT??

Stone Cold: you've got it

Stone Cold drops the mic outside the ring, takes out his vest and stares at DDP, while the Crowd chants Hell Yeah!!

JR: Good God Almighty, King i never expected to hear this from him
King: I still can't believe he is here JR, and then announcing his in ring return...and now he wants a match with DDP
JR: It means business, and one thing is for sure with the returns of these two, nothing is ever going to be the same again, King i just know it!



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PostSubject: Re: Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.   Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:19 am

Jim Ross: Stone Cold just called out DDP... King this is bowling shoe crazy!

King: No kidding JR but why is DDP smiling?

{DDP leans against ropes and wipes his nose still smiling}

DDP: Look everyone it's Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was wondering when we might run into each other again. I remember when I first met you Steve.. but you were known as Stunning Steve then. You had hair.. but then again so did I. We were on the same level.. regular guys that wanted to kick ass and make money.

{DDP walks back toward Stone Cold smile fading a bit}

DDP: Now I'm looking at you standing right infront of me.. and I'm not impressed. You say no one ever cared who I was? That's funny because I remember in WCW Eric Bischoff fired your ass for being nobody. He saw no marketability in you.

{at this point the fans begin to gasp at the mention of Austin being fired from WCW}

King: JR I didn't think DDP was going to bring something like that up.

Jim Ross: This confrontation just became personal real fast.

DDP: I can see you beginning to get angry Steve.. your brow is all ruffled. You think that bothers me one bit? You take your jack off and act as if you are still half the man that you used to be? Hey dude.. get a clue I didn't have to attack my boss to get myself over. I did it on pure talent and hard work.

{fans begin to chant Diamond Cutter, Diamond Cutter! while Page begins to pace around Stone Cold}

DDP: You see Austin.. I'm not full of pride like you are. Maybe I can still go, maybe I can't. But what I sure as hell didn't mean is for your old ass to come out here. I wanted to find out if I could go one on one with the best young talent this industry has to offer. I have competed against everyone you can imagine. Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Lugar, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair. People who's boots you can't even lace on your best day.

{At this point Page begins smiling again as he can sense the anger building in Stone Cold. He then goes back to his corner.}

DDP: Steve you and I aren't much different.. we both wonder how this company has gone so far downhill. We're cut from the same cloth.. the difference is we both went in entirely different directions. You want the same thing I do to find out if you still have it.. you doubt yourself everyday. I know because I doubt myself too. So you want a match? Fine... lets do it, I'll even let you name the time and the place.

{Page raises his arms in a diamond shape and then steps out of the corner.}

DDP: Right now, I see this going one of two ways for you. Either you put your jacket back on and walk back up that ramp. Or you can get in my face one more time and learn what it means to feel the BANG!

Jim Ross: Well the challenge was issued and accepted!

King: What is Stone Cold going to do? Page is waiting for him to make a move.

Jim Ross: It's like the greatest game of chess ever played.

{Fans are chanting loudly waiting to hear Stone Colds reply}
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PostSubject: Re: Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.   Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:59 am

Stone Cold asks for the mic from ringside, stares down at DDP a bit more serious

Stone Cold: I didn't expect you to still keep talking Page, but instead you start talking about ancient history, you think these people come out here to hear someone go on and on about what they have done and who they have wrestled against. This is exactly what i meant, Raw isn't about action and results. But instead a talk show full of disappointments. Your just another addition to its already dying roster. Id expect a fight right now instead of this discussion from you, but you have just disappointed me as well.

JR: Stone Cold makes a point, King this is all well in the past.
King: Still you can't forget what DDP just said, JR. Heck i still remember when i had hair!

Stone Cold: Page let me make one thing clear we've all made mistakes in the past and WCW was one of mine. I hope you didn't forget who actually destroyed your Show in ratings during my fight with McMahon. I guess that means i kind of had a hand in forcing you to the WWF. Where you didn't matter for more than 2 years. And then you actually went to a third company TNA...your a failure Page whether you accept it or not. Now you wanna keep on running your mouth or do want to settle this man to man

King: Stone Cold doesn't want to hear it, JR he wants a fight
JF: Yes he does, and i hope we got to see it right now

Crowd Goes Crazy

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PostSubject: Re: Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.   

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Diamond Dallas Page returns to Raw.
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