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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Maddox vs Ryder

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Jimmy Starr

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Maddox vs Ryder Empty
PostSubject: Maddox vs Ryder   Maddox vs Ryder EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 7:45 pm

Normal Match
Maddox vs Ryder Zack_RyderMaddox vs Ryder BradMaddox-1
MickieDzNuts vs. Legend Devil 19

Greenwhich, Connecticut returns to action to see Ryder and Maddox circling the ring. The bell rings and they're underway here.

Jerry Lawler: Earlier tonight we heard from Maddox that he would make sure that this match was where he made his impact. He wants to begin a road to a legendary status here.

Jim Ross: That's right. Maddox wants to be the most entertaining man in professional wrestling's history. I doubt that high of a goal will be accomplished, but you have to admire his lust for the sport.

Brad Maddox runs in to start the match, trying to take an early advantage, but Zack Ryder reverses it and throws him over the top with a back body drop. Maddox springs to his feet and runs back in with a clothesline, but Zack Ryder dodges it and hits a spin-out powerbomb from behind. Brad Maddox; however, won't stay down and gets right back to his feet. He then goes for a punch, but Ryder catches it and delivers a blow back that takes him off of his feet. Brad Maddox returns the favor by getting right back to his feet again.

Jerry Lawler: Well, he hasn't really gotten a move in, but Maddox is getting up from everything!

Jim Ross: He said earlier that he had heart, and this could be a sign of things to come!

Brad Maddox turns and runs towards the ropes, bouncing back with full momentum. He tries to hit a cross body onto Zack Ryder, but Ryder easily reverses into a scoop slam. Meanwhile, Maddox returns to his feet again, slower this time, and the fans are cheering for his efforts. Ryder doesn't even wait for Maddox to fully return to his feet before knocking him down with some punches. Zack Ryder takes advantage of a time where Maddox is on the ground by stomping on him as hard as he can several times. The ref breaks Zack Ryder off and Brad Maddox returns to his feet and you can see that he's breathing heavy, but he's ready to fight.

Jerry Lawler: This is impressive from both men.. Zack Ryder is on fire here, but Brad Maddox is taking move after move!

Jim Ross: Indeed.

Brad Maddox charges in for a take-down, but it's easy for Zack Ryder to sprawl and then deliver a knee to the face of Brad Maddox. We could hear the impact, it was brutal, and the fans let out a noise to suggest it was even more brutal if you were there live. Brad Maddox sits up after it, but Ryder hits a running neck twist on Maddox. Ryder goes for a quick cover, but Maddox can kick out almost immediately.

Jerry Lawler: Resilient!

Jim Ross: He's taken a number of shots, but he's not even ready to think about losing.

Zack Ryder is breathing a bit heavy and he lifts Maddox up to his feet and drags him to the turnbuckle. The ref doesn't see it, but Zack Ryder removes the turnbuckle pad and begins driving the skull of Maddox into the turnbuckle repeatedly. The ref comes over and stops it, but as the ref is checking Maddox, Ryder slips the turnbuckle back on so he never notices. Zack Ryder runs at a dazed Brad Maddox being checked by the ref and clotheslines him. Ryder lifts Maddox again and throws him up against the ropes where he's trapped. He throws punch after punch to the gut and the face. Maddox doesn't fall down, he simply staggers towards the middle of the ring as Ryder runs off the ropes from the other side. He comes back around and connects with the Rough Ryder!

Jerry Lawler: This is bad for Maddox...

Jim Ross: I was kind of liking the guy so far too.

Zack Ryder goes for the pin.



Jerry Lawler: He just kicked out at a one count.

Jim Ross: This guy may be the real deal...

Zack Ryder doesn't believe how a man who has taken so much damage has just kicked out before a two. Maddox is almost defenseless now though, so Ryder just lifts him up and runs the ropes again. He goes for another Rough Ryder and connects. Pin!




Jerry Lawler: What will Ryder have to do?

Jim Ross: I'm not sure...


Jerry Lawler: What the? What is he doing here?

Jim Ross: This was a good match too!

Randy Orton appears at the top of the ramp and the referee is pointing at him telling him to leave. But as the ref is turned around, Zack Ryder slips to the outside. Maddox is more watching Randy than paying attention to the match right now so when Zack Ryder slides back in and catches him with a chair shot it's totally by surprise. Ryder drops the chair on the ground and lifts up Maddox before planting him back down with a Rough Ryder onto the chair. Ryder slides the chair out from Maddox and pushes it to the outside of the ring before dropping down and pinning Maddox.




Jerry Lawler: That was dirty...

Jim Ross: I'm not sure if Maddox could have won, but he was keeping himself alive until that hit!

Zack Ryder's theme song hits the stage as he begins to celebrate his win and Brad Maddox lays on the ground in pain.



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Maddox vs Ryder Empty
PostSubject: Re: Maddox vs Ryder   Maddox vs Ryder EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 1:12 pm

Maddox vs Ryder 0016

Ryder jumps onto the top turnbuckle and taunts the crowd as Randy Orton slowly walks to the ring, not taking his eye off Ryder. Ryder jumps off the turnbuckle and runs towards the ropes to continue his celebration as Orton slithers into the ring, under the ropes. Ryder has his back to Orton as Orton stalks him, waiting for him to turn around. Ryder stops celebrating and turns around to see the Viper, staring straight at him! Ryder falls backwards and crawls to the corner as Orton smirks at him. Orton mocks Ryder just as Maddox struggles and manages to pull himself to his feet. Maddox has no idea where he is, and is taken by complete surprise with an RKO!!!! Orton hits Maddox with an RKO!!!!!

Ryder rolls out of the ring as Orton seethes in the ring, initiating a vicious attack on maddox. Orton stomps on his face repeatedly, then moves on to his arms, then his legs, and back to his face again. Orton appears to have lost complete control as he lifts Maddox's dead weight up, drags him over to the ropes and hits a Spike DDT!

Maddox vs Ryder Rko_brad_action2crop_display_image

Maddox falls to the ground with such an impact that it's heard in the cheap seats. Orton then calmly backs into the corner, but then goes back his irrate state and stalks Maddox, waiting for him to rise to his knees. Maddox manages to pull himself up, and Orton charges full speed towards him, kicking him in the temple of his head. Maddox slumps to the ground with his eyes closed as Orton rages at his destruction. Orton rolls out of the ring and walks up to the announcers table, still seething with anger he snatches a microphone from the ring announcer and slithers back into the ring. Orton gets down to the floor and puts the mic to Maddox's face as he begins to speak.

Maddox vs Ryder 0171
{Randy Orton}
You... You actually thought you had a chance at making a name for yourself.. You, a youtube sensation, thought you could just jump right into the big boys game. Let me tell you something Maddox, you are NOTHING! You will never amount to anything, you don't deserve to be here, and you will definitley NEVER be a legend of this buisness, so get all of those deluded thoughts out of your mind, go back to your little cottage in the countryside, and go back to making your damn youtube videos, you peice of trash!

Orton rises up from the floor and turns towards the crowd, he walks towards the ropes and lifts the mic to his lips again.

Maddox vs Ryder 0047
{Randy Orton}
Let this be a warning for all of you out there in the locker room. No one makes an impact in this business better than I do, I run this show now and no one gets anywhere in this federation without my say so! IF you even try to go against me, this, this pathetic peice of crap on the floor will be you next week!

Orton's music hits as he smirks and drops the mic. He taunts to the crowd and laughs manically at them as he rolls out of the ring and leaves towards the backstage.


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Maddox vs Ryder
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