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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 The American Dream

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PostSubject: The American Dream   The American Dream EmptyWed Jan 09, 2013 5:26 am

The fans begin to boo loudly as Cody Rhodes makes his way from the back. He has a smile from ear to ear as he takes no notice of the reaction he is receiving from the fans. He spins in a big circle and dusts himself off before slowly strutting down to the ring. Fans reach out to touch him and slap his hands but he quickly sidesteps out of the way with a look mixed with contempt and disgust. After studying the crowd for a couple of seconds he climbs the steel steps and gets into the ring. As his music slowly begins to die down he paces around before grabbing a microphone from ringside and raising it to begin speaking. The fans instead begin to boo louder, he lowers to mic and just runs his tongue over his teeth, looking very aggravated and annoyed. They quickly quiet down knowing the longer they continue this, the longer he will just stand there silent.

Cody Rhodes - "Wow, you learn. Congratulations! Please, give yourselves a quick pat on the back...if you can reach it that is. Otherwise, give yourself a pat on your beer guts please!"

Cody's insults cause the fans to begin to jeer him again. This time he just laughs it off before continuing.

Cody Rhodes - "Ladies and gentlemen I know I need no introduction, but for the uneducated and the inebriated allow me to give you all the opportunity to gaze upon the atlas of a man that stands in front of you named Cody Rhodes!"

Cody opens his jacket and flicks his fingers down his abs. The crowd boos while some of the women swoon. He smirks and does a complete 360 so everyone in the audience can get a glimpse.

Cody Rhodes - "Now that I have introduced myself, let me give you all the state of the union address. I have been watching RWF from afar for quite a while now. I have watched guys come and go and I have seen the people you fans like to call 'superstars' come here and impress you. They all want you to cheer them and they come out here to make you laugh and cheer. Some may come out here and say things that make you dislike them. Purposely I might add. People try so hard to come across like they are different, but lets be honest everyone just ends up being such a cookie cutter copy of someone else. Unlike them, I come from a long proud lineage of talent in this wrestling business. I was born into this business. I was backstage when guys like Brad Maddox were playing with Pokemon cards. I was helping my pop clean his scrapes and bruises while you were having your mommies and daddies read you chapters out of Goosebumps."

Cody starts to get angry and quickly punches the top turnbuckle. He takes a couple of deep breaths before continuing.

Cody Rhodes - "Sorry, I tend to lose my cool sometimes. No matter. You fans want to boo me because of the way I look, hey it isn't my fault I take care of myself while you all drown in a mixture of self pity, Cheetos and beer. I diet and I work out every single day, because I know I have to be in tip top shape to come out here and secure a victory. This isn't like the good old days where the American Dream was to have a pot belly, eat whatever you want and never work out. I am the American Dream. The American Dream is being able to look like this. I wish I could say I knew what it felt like to be jealous of someone else, but unfortunately I don't. I was born to be perfect like this. This fat guy in the front row could never look like this, not now. He's too old and just like all of you, he's wasted away his life and now hes probably going to die in a couple of years after having a heart attack because he ate just one too many hot dogs!"

The man subjected to Cody's jabs gets up and starts yelling at Cody. Cody feigns fear but starts laughing quickly, goading him into the ring. Eventually the man sits down after security steps over to him. The crowd boos loudly as Cody continues.

Cody Rhodes - "Oh I know, you want to beat me up right now. You want to prove what a big man you are. Just like all the guys in the back right now would love to do. Too bad for you, just like too bad for them, that I am just too damn good to be shown up. Given my first opportunity, I am going to take hold of it. I am going to let everyone see just how damn impressive I can be. Get ready folks. I am The American Dream Cody Rhodes, and you just stumbled onto Hard Times!"

The crowd continues to jeer Cody as he drops the microphone and his music begins to play again. He drops down to his back and slides out of the ring. His smirk never once leaving his face.

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The American Dream
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