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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 Maddox Debuts

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Maddox Debuts Empty
PostSubject: Maddox Debuts   Maddox Debuts EmptyWed Jan 09, 2013 12:47 am

Fans line the seats of the RWF as they've just endured a short break in the action. We're here in Greenwhich, Connecticut as the fans from Connecticut and surrounding areas come out to see their favorite business. People have been venturing out to grab some snacks during this commercial, but they begin to hustle back to their seats as a semi-unfamiliar theme song hits.

Jim Ross: I think we know who this is..

Jerry Lawler: I think we do too!

The people sort of recognize the theme song, but it's certainly not a very popular one. Some remember him from his brief days in WWE before the RWF launched, and some do not. For those who don't recognize the theme, none other than Brad Maddox comes out from the back soon enough to show off who had their theme playing.

Maddox Debuts Normal_Brad_Maddox_vs__Sheamus_-_Full_Match_mp40059

Brad Maddox: So it looks like I'm back in the wrestling industry after my interesting run with the WWE. And hold on before you begin to boo me. I know I was a jerk, and I know I may have mistreated the fans and the Universe at times back then, but don't get me wrong, it wasn't because I hated any of you. I was so interested in doing what I've loved to do, entertain, that I let myself get a bit out of control. Never did I want to do any of that; I caused Ryback to lose an undefeated streak that he worked for. Just in the name of making an impact. However, I can't take back what I've done, I can't go back in time to stop myself from causing mayhem, but what I can do is become better from it. WWE, they didn't like me, I had to jump through hoops to just get opportunities at a contract, but I have a fresh start in RWF. I have my contract, finally.

Maddox Debuts Normal_Brad_Maddox_vs__Sheamus_-_Full_Match_mp40071

Brad Maddox: I've worked through the minor leagues, I've trained, I've put myself second to wrestling. In fact, my ego very well could have been made out of the fact that I was overworking myself to try to get to where I am now. I want this job more than anybody else out there, nobody has more passion or desire than I do. That's why I promise that when I go out there tonight against Zack Ryder, I'm going to make my impact. Zack Ryder, you're going to be pinned down for a three count, I promise you that much. You can beat me and beat me, but my heart, my desire, my will is going to show you that Brad Maddox is better than you are.

Maddox Debuts Normal_Brad_Maddox_vs__Sheamus_-_Full_Match_mp40078

Brad Maddox: I'm a born wrestling fan. I love this company more than anyone else ever could, and I love everything about it. This is my shot to prove to everyone that Maddox is more than he was in WWE, I can win, and I will become a champion. My goal is to prove to everyone that I can do more than talk, and I want to become a legend in this industry. As a child, I had posters of The Rock, Steve Austin, anybody from that era, and all I've ever wanted is to be on those posters. I want to be the one that has their name chanted, name etched on the title belt, a household name, and I want to bring the entertainment back to wrestling. So hear me out, this isn't the last any of you will see of Brad Maddox. I'm going to be a legend.

Maddox theme song begins to play as the fans cheer and he exits.



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Maddox Debuts
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