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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 The Viper Returns!

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The Viper Returns! Empty
PostSubject: The Viper Returns!   The Viper Returns! EmptyMon Jan 07, 2013 6:49 am

His entrance music hits and Orton makes his way to the ring to a hoard of welcoming cheers from the crowd.

The Viper Returns! 5NKV5

J.R : It's Orton! Bah Gawd, it's Orton! Orton is here!

Michael Cole :It's been a while since we've been graced with the presence of the viper, what does he want coming out here like this?

Jerry Lawler : Who cares what he wants? He's here and that's all that matters. Just listen to the standing ovation for this man, this legend.

Orton rolls into the ring and walks slowly to the corner, he stares around the arena and at the crowd before climbing up to the top turnbuckle and raising his arms in the air. The crowd go wild as Orton holds the pose for a good 20 seconds before stepping down from the turnbuckle and motioning to the ring announcer for a microphone. Orton paces around the ring waiting for his mic, his entrance music comes to a halt and the ring announcer passes him a mic.

The Viper Returns! 0079

Orton : I came out here...

Orton tries to speak but is drowned out from the cheering in the crowd, he looks down with a look of frustration on his face before looking up and attempting to speak again.

The Viper Returns! 0068

Orton : As I was saying... I came out here to adress the fans of ...

The crowd drown Orton out again as his frustration begins to grow.

The Viper Returns! 0141
Orton : I wanted to come out here and let you all know, that 2013 will grace you all with the return of the Age of Orton! You will...

The crowd drowns him out again and Orton's frustration takes hold of him..

The Viper Returns! 0069

The crowd fall silent from shock at Orton's reaction

The Viper Returns! 5NKV5llds

Orton : When I speak, I expect you to shut up and listen!I am sick and tired of all you people showing me nothing but disrespect. I suffer from a disease known only as Innermitent Explosive Disorder.. It's a disease that causes those infected to lose complete control of their actions when provoked... I have come out here every day for the past year and a half and tried my best to surpress that, I have been forced by those in charge to 'pretend' to be someone I am not entirely capable of being just to please you people! This false pretence has been killing me, coming out here and pandering to the crowd has made me sick, sicker than I have ever been before and you still disrespect me when I come out here to entertain you.. I refuse to keep ignoring the voices in my head just to entertain you 'fans'.. It's a detrement to my health, a risk I take that you people just don't deserve.

The crowd are in complete shock and some of the younger kids and ladies in the ring are crying at the transformation taking part in the ring.

Michael Cole : Finally Orton has come to his senses.

Jerry Lawler : You have to be kidding me Cole. Do you not remember the viciousness this man brought upon the wrestling industry when he listened to the voices in his head? The things he did to the people who made this industry what it is made me sick. Orton can not revert back to that vile viper he was before

The Viper Returns! 0080

Orton : I'm no longer going to come out here to entertain you, from now on, I look out for one person, and one person only, and that's me! Now, tonight I face a man who some may say taught me everything I know. A man that I have fought with a hundred times over. A man whose step-brother, step father and WIFE I put on the shelf. My matches with this man could be considered as the most destructive, and best matches in the history of this Industry, and tonight will be no different. Tonight, I promise to you all, I will make an example out of Hunter , I will destroy and embaress him, something that my 'ex leader' couldn't acomplish. And once I'm done with him, I'll turn my attention elsewhere.

The Viper Returns! 0151

Orton : Tonight, is the night. Tonight, I will make an even greater example out of someone, they will feel the venom of the viper running through their veins as they lay on the ground, destroyed. They will feel the impact of their head smashing against the canvas as I hit them with an RKO from nowhere! And then, I'll charge up and I'll punt them in their skull! And there is NOTHING that anyone can do about it! Tonight, you will see the return of THE VIPER, THE APEX PREDATOR, and THE LEGEND KILLER!

The Viper Returns! 0181

Orton drops his mic and leaves the ring, his music hits as RWF goes to commercial.


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The Viper Returns!
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