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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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PostSubject: DX Address the Universe   DX Address the Universe EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 5:59 pm

DGeneration X music hits, Aries and HBK come out to the arena with a mic each and a standing ovation from the crowd. They make their way to the ring taunting to the crowd all the way down the ramp.

Michael Cole : Welcome back to RWF folks, unfortunately you came back just as these two hooligans decided to come out here, so now may be a good time to go make a cup of tea.

Jerry Lawler : Shut up Cole, these men gave one hell of a show last night at Winter Brawl, not only was HBK in the Intercontinental championship match, but Aries won a match that earned him a shot at the World Heavyweight championship!

Michael Cole : Yes, and they both fell short King, and I'm glad they did. These two are despicable, they do not deserve to be the champions representing this show!

Aries paces around the ring as HBK climbs up to the right corners top turnbuckle and salutes to the crowd with a DX chop. Aries raises his mic to his mouth and smiles at the crowd as they chant his name. HBK jumps down from the turnbuckle and walks up to Aries, who begins to speak.

DX Address the Universe Normal_28th_June_2012_-_IW_HD_mp40124
Austin Aries : I'd like to kick things off by saying it's great to be here in London, England tonight! We were hoping we'd be able to come out here to London and celebrate our championship wins, with DX holding all the gold! But unfortunately we can't.. but let's not dwel on the past! Tonight, HBK and I have a chance to redeem ourselves, we have a chance that others in this business would kill for, we have a chance to earn the World Heavyweight Championship gold at Destruction!

DX Address the Universe Normal_28th_June_2012_-_IW_HD_mp40082
Austin Aries : But to get there, we have to take on opponents we never expected we would have to face.. eachother. That's right, Bischoff has decided to put us against eachother for this opportunity. No doubt his twisted mind thinks that this will be the match that ends DX. That HBK and I will destroy eachother to the point of no return. Well he can think again! Sure we have to face eachother, and we'll probably beat the living hell out of eachother, but at the end of the day, we'll stand up strong, shake hands and celebrate no matter the outcome. As for Jericho he can kiss his championship dreams goodbye! Jericho is nothing but a hypocritte. He whines and cries yet he calls himself the best in the world at what he does..

DX Address the Universe Normal_28th_June_2012_-_IW_HD_mp40065
Austin Aries : See, a lot of men do that, they come out here and like to call themselves the best wrestler in the world. Quite frankly HBK and I think that's an overplayed phrase. Everybody wants to call themselves the best in the world, but they know that they aren't even in the same league as the greatest man who ever lived, Austin Aries! I am the greatest wrestler in the Universe, this universe and any and every universe and that Fluke victory from Stone Cold at Winter Brawl doesn't change that, my victory tonight will prove it.

DX Address the Universe 42312results26
HBK looks at Aries with a cold stare.

DX Address the Universe Normal_28th_June_2012_-_IW_HD_mp40153
Austin Aries : Oh.. Sorry shawn, slip of the tongue. But as I was saying, I am the greatest man alive today, and having Stone Cold hold the most prestigeous title in this industry is nothing but an injustice to myself, all the other wrestlers and the fans of the RWF. The RWF Universe deserves a worthy champion, one that will grace you with a familiar era in wrestling, the Degenerate era!

DX Address the Universe Normal_28th_June_2012_-_IW_HD_mp40053
Austin Aries : Three weeks from now at Destruction, Stone cold will have to face both Jericho and either myself, or my mentor and friend, Shawn Michaels in a brutal Hell in a Cell battle royal match, where the only way to win is to push your opponents off the top of the cell! That is the definition of destruction and brutality, throwing a man down to a 30ft fall drop. This match will alter careers, three men will walk in and only one will be able to walk out with his own ability, and that man will be representing the Degenerates of this business, isn't that right Shawn?

TBC Shawn/Jericho/Stone Cold .

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