First Generation Championship Wrestlng

Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 The One and Only

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PostSubject: The One and Only   Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:40 am

*The crowd all gets up on their feet and cheers as the music hits*

Cole: Here come's the Badass Billy Gunn. He made a surprise debut on our new show "Saturday Night Main Event".

King: Yeah Cole, even though he lost the match he put on a great effort in a match that was to crown a new European Champion.

*Billy makes his way to the ring and motions for a mic*

Billy: You all know who I am, so there is no introductions needed. I'm here tonight to talk about...ASS.

*The crowd cheers as Billy smiles at the crowds reaction and begins speaking again...*

Cole: Did he just say ass?!

King(laughing): Yeah Cole, Let the man speak! I mean he IS an authority on the matter.
Billy: Tonight on RWF, The Premiere, The Perfect Ass, The One...Billy Gunn takes on a man who calls himself "Grandmaster Sexay". He's more like the Grandmaster of Assfaces because that's what he looks like to me! I don't know about you people but if anybody in this place can call him self the "grandmaster of sexiness its me!

*Just as Billy says that he does a little pose for the crowd as the begin cheering loudly for him*

Billy: You managed to beat me in that match Saturday night. I can promise you that won't happen again. It was a fluke you see because Mr.Ass wasn't at top ring performance at the time, and I wasn't fully prepared for the match. I was using some new herbal ass treatment and it appears I had an allergic reaction, but despite this great tragedy I still managed to compete even at my imperfect and handicapped state. So hear this, I'm at 100% and so is my ass. I'm back at perfection and you don't stand a chance. So come on down here Grandmaster Assface and let's do this.

*The crowd starts chanting Assface!! Assface!! Assface!! when....*

TBC Grandmaster Sexay ONLY


"Best in the World" 0-0

"King of Kings" 1-0

"Nattie by Nature" 0-0
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The One and Only
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