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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 FORGOT TO POST: Jericho Alliance vs NWO

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Not PJ

Not PJ

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PostSubject: FORGOT TO POST: Jericho Alliance vs NWO   Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:55 am

*It's time for the lumberjack match between Chris Jericho and Randy Orton all of the members of Jericho Alliance and NWO are outside of the ring we just await Orton and Jericho. Jericho's theme hits as he begins to come out to the ring Jericho looks as ready as possible as he begins to walk down the ramp out of no where....*

Orton attacks Jericho from behind Jericho begins to fight back Jericho Alliance members Cena and Ryback run towards the ramp to help Jericho. NWO runs to help Orton there is a huge brawl now. Ryback grabs Orton by his head and throws him into the ring Nash elbows Jericho in the back of the head Hulk grabs Jericho and throws him in the ring the match begins...... Jericho and Orton lock up Jericho gains control he kicks Orton in back of the legs he locks in a head lock on Orton...

Jericho has it locked in he's applying pressure Orton rolls through the move. Orton wipes Jericho into the control he runs at Jericho. Jericho side steps and Orton hits the post Jericho slams Ortons head against the ring post. Jericho begins to climb the top rope he awaits Orton to get up....

Missile drop kick off the top ropes Orton is down on the ground Jericho see's this as a chance to finish this early! Jericho bounces off the ropes he jumps and he goes for the lionsault! Orton is quick to see he pushes Jericho over the ropes towards the NWO. Nash catches Jericho he drops him straight onto his knee! Hulk begins to stomp on Jericho! Cena straights to run towards the NWO Ryback is standing back this is unlike Ryback. Cena wipes Hulk into the stairs Cena pushes Jericho back into the ring to save him Ryback is still standing on the other side. Orton grabs Jericho pulls him throw the ropes and sets up for a rope hung DDT! Orton goes for a cover Cena is still fighting Nash and Hulk outside the ring!

1........2.......... Jericho kicks out !

Jericho manages to stand up Orton runs at Jericho he sides steps and chop blocks Orton! Jericho low drop kicks Orton in the side of the head. Jericho stomps on Orton he's trying to get him back for throwing him outside. Jericho lifts up Orton and wipes him hard over the ropes. Orton falls right in front of Ryback everyone just stops for a second.... Ryback helps Orton up and just looks at him. Ryback stares at Jericho, Jericho looks backs at him and doesn't know how to respond. Ryback throws Orton in the steps he turns towards Cena and pushes him into the barrier! Ryback is going crazy he goes into the ring and looks at Jericho. Hulk and Nash are setting up a table on the outside they are also taking weapons out of the ring. Ryback looks at Jericho and says
"I'm not your bitch anymore"....... Jericho has a blank face !


Jericho is out Orton is trying to get back on his feet. Hulk and Nash throw weapons into the ring as this is extreme rules. Ryback rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic he begins to walk towards the ramp...... The match is still going on all the members are out right now! Nash and Hulk are now setting up stuff in the ring as Jericho is still out!

*Ryback begins to speak on the stage.*


Jericho do you understand something I don't need you anymore. I am the intercontinental champion here and what are you? You're nothing I just realized that I realized that I don't need your help anymore. I'm tired of people calling me your bitch I'm tired of this enough is enough! No more am I with the Jericho Alliance good luck with the NWO because I'm done!

*Ryback begins to leave the arena Jericho is trying to stand back up. Nash lifts up Jericho Hulk and Nash lift him up and go to throw Jericho throw the table thats now in the ring!*

Jericho fights out of the move he jumps in the air and kicks Nash in the head! Jericho brawls with Hulk Jericho wipes Hulk out of the ring. Orton is behind Jericho stalking him Cena is trying to get back up out of no where.....


Kevin attacks Cena he's beating the shit out of him outside of the ring! They turn back into the ring Orton looks straight at Jericho he jumps in the air for the RKO. Jericho turns through the move and jumps in the air for the.........


Jericho goes for the cover! 1...........................2..............................


Jericho falls backsward Orton rolls him up the ref counts Jericho doesn't realize who hit him in the head with the kendo! The ref is counting Austin Aries begins to walk up the ramp screaming "You got what you deserved!" Siting at Jericho putting him in the liontamer earlier.


Kevin Steen pulls the ref out of the ring and throws him against the barricade. Steen has just beat the life out of Cena he messed up the match he just made an impact and begins to walk to the back. Orton is stalking Jericho both men trying to stand back up. Orton pulls him by his head he goes for a backbreaker Jericho reserves he begins to lock in the walls of jericho on Orton! Orton rolls up Jericho he falls back now Jericho has Orton pinned he's holding onto his tights. Hulk and Nash begin to head to the back through the crowd they need to recover! Orton kicks out Jericho stand up before Orton he jumps in the air...



Jericho has just beat Orton after that whole battle. Jericho is trying to get out before anything else happens John Cena is being helped by the doctors NWO members Nash and Hulk are already in the back. Aries who almost cost Jericho his match is gone as well as Steen. Jericho stands tall in the ring as his theme hits RWF Winter Brawl screen goes to black....


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Jimmy Starr

Jimmy Starr

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PostSubject: Re: FORGOT TO POST: Jericho Alliance vs NWO   Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:22 am

You didn't forget to post. You just didn't do it Neutral


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FORGOT TO POST: Jericho Alliance vs NWO
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