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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 6 man Elimination No DQ No.1 Contender match

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PostSubject: 6 man Elimination No DQ No.1 Contender match   Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:00 pm

The 6 men stare eachother down in the ring awaiting the match to start. The bell rings and Jericho kicks things off by dropkicking punk outside the ring. Jericho pulls against the ropes and vaults himself to the outside just as punk stands up, knocking him straight back down again, as well as himself. Jericho and Punk lie on the ground outside as Triple H and Cena brawl in one corner of the ring and Aries and AJ fight in the other.

Triple H throws Cena towards the ropes, Cena bounces back towards him and runs right into a devestating Spinebuster! Cena rolls out of the ring and Triple H follows, throwing Cena against the barricade.

While all this is going on, AJ and Aries are fighting in the ring. Aries goes to work on AJ hitting strike after strike. Austin goes for a final blow to the head but AJ resits and throws him to the floor. AJ scoops Austin up and hits him with an onslaught of ring shaking moves . Aj hits DDT, he then hits a leg drop on a groggy aries and lifts him up for the Styles Clash. Aries manages to break free and takes AJ by surprise with a brainbuster from nowhere. Austin goes for the pin

1..... 2......... 3!

AJ styles is the first man eliminated. Jericho takes advantage of the situation and runs into the ring for a roll up on Aries, a man he humuliated earlier on Heat.

1........ 2..... Kick out!

Austin knocks Jericho off him with a kick to the head as Cena runs into the ring and taunts an unexpecting Aries. Aries turns around into an Attitude Adjustment! Austin rolls out of the ring quickly to avoid the pinfall, leaving Cena and Jericho in the ring. The crowd have a mixed reaction as the await the innevitiable confrontation, but Jericho and Cena shake hands , leave the ring and go to work on Punk and Triple H who are brawling outside .

The crowd errupts with excitement as Cena and Jericho dominate their competition. Cena irish whips Triple H into the barricade and follows up with a spear, sending both men crashing through from the Impact. Jericho hits punk with the insta fury and looks under the ring for a weapon, he pulls out a singapore cane and smashes it against Punks spine. Punk screams in agony as Jericho goes for shot after shot with the cane. Jericho rolls Punk into the ring and drags him to the middle, he locks in the walls of Jericho!

Punk screams in agony as Jericho twists his body snd tightens his grip. Punk attempts to crawl to the ropes, but Jericho is too smart for that and drags him back to the middle and tightens his grip yet again. Punk is about to tap when Aries runs into the ring with a steel chair and smacks jericho right against his skull. Jericho loses his grip of punk and falls down. Punk takes advantage and lifts a groggy Jericho onto his shoulders and hits his GTS! Punk goes for the pin as Cena gets up.

1... 2.... 3!

Cena is inches away from breaking up the pin when the referee's hand comes down for the three count, Jericho is eliminated! Cena is besided himself with rage as punk eggs him on by taunting him. Cena charges at Punk and knocks him down with a Spear. Cena then follows up with a five knuckle shuffle and irish whips Punk to the ropes.

Triple H is just getting up outside, he walks up to the ring but is hit with a Suicide Dive through the ropes from Aries, laying both men out. Cena lifts Punk up onto the top turnbuckle and jumps up to the second. Cena lifts punk onto his shoulders and then steps up to the top turnbuckle. Cena holds Punk in place for a few seconds as Punk struggles to break free but fails. Cena hits a ground shaking Attitude Adjustment from the top rope! The crowd are gasping and cheering as Cena drops from the turnbuckle and goes for the pin.

1.. 2.... 3!

Punk is eliminated and Cena is the only man left standing. Cena panders to the crowd in the ring as Triple H manages to pull himself up and throw Aries into the ring towards Cena. Dazed and confused, Aries stands up and turns around into yet another Attitude Adjustment! Cena goes for the cover on Aries.

1.. 2.... Kick out!

Cena is in shock as Aries kicks out of the AA. He scoops up his lifeless body and irish whips him to the corner. Cena taunts to the crowd yet agan, but runs into Triple H, who hits him with a Knee to the Skull! Cena is groggy as Triple H grabs him and hits him with his Pedigree! Triple H goes for the pin.

1... 2.... 3!

Cena is eliminated! The final two men in the ring are Aries and Triple H. Aries is crouching in the corner as Triple H turns towards him, points and mouths 'your turn'. Triple H runs towards aries and hits him with a knee to the skull that sends him tumbling to the outside. Triple H mocks Aries with a DX chop and leaves the ring to continue his assault. Triple H rips the cover off the announcers table as Aries pulls himself to his feet with the apron. Triple H throws Aries onto the Announcers Table and jumps up himself. He lifts Aries up and mocks him again with another DX Chop. Triple H gets ready to hit his Pedigree, but Aries reverses it and throws Triple H off the table.

Aries scoops up Triple H and throws him into the ring, Aries hits him with a combination of kicks, followed by a devestating Brainbuster! Aries thinks about going for the pin, but decides against it and jumps up to the top rope. Aries dives off the top rope and flips 450 degrees in the air, before making impact with Triple H and going for the cover.

1.... 2..... 3!

Aries rolls out of the ring and sits on the apron as the crowd have a mixed reaction to his vitory, Aries taunts them arrogantly and the arena is filled with jeers for Aries.

Michael Cole : What a grueling match and an excellent outcome.

Jerry the King Lawler : Yes, but this man is scheduled to compete in a Steel cage match tonight, and that's next! Then he has to face off with the baddest man in this business, Stone Cold Steve Austin in an Extreme Rules match. How on earth will he survive?!

Michael Cole : It is a lot to have to face in one night King, but if anyone can do it, Aries can.

Triple H rolls out of the ring as Sheamus' music hits and the steel cage is lowered.


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6 man Elimination No DQ No.1 Contender match
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