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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 World Heavyweight Championship, Finals

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PostSubject: World Heavyweight Championship, Finals   Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:56 pm

RWF comes back from commercial

Micheal Cole: Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen, and welcome back to the Raw Wrestling Federation Live tonight from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hosting its first ever PPV RWF Presents to you...the Winter Brawl!
Jim Ross: This is going to be one heck of a show tonight, the first PPV's is only an introduction of whats to come throughout the year!
Jerry `King` Lawler: That's right guys, and with the World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event tonight, we have The Miz vs Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Titantron goes silent, so does the crowd in anticipation of who's going to come out

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Stone Cold makes his way through the ramp towards the ring

King: The Texas Rattlesnake is in the Final and he may be our next World Heavyweight Champion!
Cole: Not while he faces The Miz, He's Awwesome!

Stone Cold enters the ring and goes post to post, adressing the RWF Universe as he recieves a microphone at sign, from ringside as the crowd settles down to hear Austin 3:16 speak

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Philadelphia....

The Crowd Cheers "WHAT!"

Stone Cold looks at Micheal Cole....

King: You better hope he didn't hear you, Cole...
JR: I think he might have, King. He's looking straight at him!

Stone Cold Exits the Ring as grabbing Beer from ringside and walking towards the announcers table...

King: Hahahaha, told you to watch your mouth
JR: The Texas Rattlesnake has warned you before about this, Cole but you just had to piss him off again, and on Austin's book that doesn't go without consequence.

Austin gets back in the ring and raises his microphone to speak

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: I don't hope all the PG Era crap...that some so called wrestlers are still using here, is boring ya'll too much...

The Crowd Cheers "Hell Yeah!"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: It's not suprising that some idiots in the locker room still believe this to be the WWE...or WWF or heck even WCW...People like...The Miz....

The Crowd "Boo's"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: WWE....and The PG Era...introducing us to the likes...of arrogant awesome bullshit...that really is nothing still, than a reality tv show character.

The Crowd "Boo's"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Now to be straight forward, Miz... i havent followed your experience because you simply piss me off...talkin about your only win in Wrestlemania thanks to The you really feel you have accomplished anything at all in all these years as a complete failure of a wrestler.

The Crowd "WHAT!"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Miz, Awesome? Come on...this is the RWF and im here to put the Attitude back where it belongs. Rather than chant things just to make the little kids laugh at home...It's funny that you call me a loser, seeing how many accolades i have gained in my career against your...few weeks reigns and another talkshow where it didnt a wretling federation....How suprising a Reality Tv Dumbass starts a talkshow in a wrestling show...Do you get my drift, you no balls son of a bitch!

The Crowd Errupts

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Now tonight it's going to be real simple...Austin 3:16 is going to walk in this very ring...walk a mudhole on your awesome failures and then walk it dry...

The Crowd Goes Crazy

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: But thats not just it is it....Stone Cold is going to walk out of this ring later tonight with a big smile on his face and The World Heavyweight Champhionship around my waist.

The Crowd Goes Beserk

Steve Austin: And thats the bottom line cuz, Stone Cold Said SO!
Crowd Adds to "Stone Cold Said So"

[End Promo]


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World Heavyweight Championship, Finals
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