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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 It's Clean Up Time

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DJ Kilowatz

DJ Kilowatz

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Location : Cleveland, Ohio

PostSubject: It's Clean Up Time   Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:40 am

Jerry: It’s D-Generation X’s Theme Song Cole! Oh man, what a night we are having here in the RWF!

Cole: I wonder who it is! We haven’t heard this music in many years Jerry, do you think they could be making a comeback?

Jerry: I hope so Cole, When D-Generation X was around, they took control of things, and boy was it fun to watch!


Cole: It’s HBK, and He is wearing a D-Generation X Tee Shirt! Oh man Jerry, we are in for a treat!

Jerry: Wait a second Cole, who is that coming to the ring with him?

Cole: Well Jerry, I’m not too sure, but Shawn Michaels is heading this way so let’s give him a mic and find out what’s going on!

*HBK grabs a microphone from the announce table and heads into the ring with his guest, and as he raises the mic to his lips to begin speaking, the crowd breaks out in building shaking cheer so HBK lowers the microphone with a big smile on his face and begins thanking the thousands of fans in attendance*

Shawn: Before I get into why I am out here, I want to thank all of these fans in the great city of Cleveland for that awesome introduction, you guys are great!

*Crowd is on their feet cheering again*

Shawn: Now, let’s get down to business. I received a phone call the other day from the board of directors for the RWF, and I was commended for what I did in the WWF / WWE back in the day and how I helped put some order back into the wrestling world by forming De-Generation X and kicking everyone’s asses back to where they belonged. So it got me thinking, right now here in the RWF I can see that the same pattern is starting to develop, so why not get the old crew back together and clean house! So from here moving forward, I am proud to let the entire RWF universe know that DX is back, and we are going to clean house, and if you ain’t down with that WE GOT TWO WORKS FOR YA!

Crowd Yells: SUCK IT

Shawn: Now, I’m sure you are all wondering who this is standing out here with me, so let me introduce him to you. Ladies and gentleman please give a warm DX welcome for the ONLY two time TNA Ring of Honor Champion, Austin Aries!

*Crowd Starts Roaring with cheers again*

Shawn: You see, when I heard Hulk Hogan had left TNA and was back with the NWO, I decided who better to also bring from the TNA than my protégé Austin Aries. He has learned from the best, and is ready to fight with the best. DX is strong, and as the days countdown to pay per view Sunday, some of our new members will be revealed. Before I hand the microphone over to Austin, I want to let everybody in the RWF universe know that DX will soon hold every title in the league, and Randy Orton… You better get your ass ready, because the beginning of the D-Generation X era begins again with me kicking your monkey ass all around the Quicken Loans Arena here in Cleveland Tonight! Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Austin Aries!

*Crowd Applause's loudly again*

Jerry: Cole, HBK has brought D-Generation X to the RWF!!! Can you believe it?

Cole: Jerry, the NWO better watch their backs... HBK sounds like he means business!

TBC Austin Aries or Triple H ONLY
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Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: It's Clean Up Time   Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:10 pm

Austin Aries : Thank you Shawn. I've always been a huge fan of yours, so to be able to learn from you is a great honor. An even greater honor is being able to compete with you in the ring, to call myself a member of the famed D-Generation X!

King Lawler : A great show of respect there from this fantastic youg man

(The crowd chants for DX)

Austin Aries : Right, that's enough soppiness for tonight, so let me get down to the point. HBK and I were just chilling backstage, watching RAW with the Bella twins, when all of a sudden, our screens were contaminated by some kind of... virus, the nWo.. a group of old men who are past their prime and are desperately trying to hold onto their careers. It made us laugh to see these fools in the ring, trying to intimidate the locker room with their saggy wrinkles and grey hair. We couldn't contain our laughter.

(The crowd laughs along with Austin and Shawn)

Austin Aries : Then, once the man who my friend here carried through the industry, Kevin Nash, had stopped running his big mouth, who would come out to the ring? BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!

(The crowd boos and chants Jericho sucks)

Austin Aries : : Exactly! But he didn't come out to the ring alone, oh no... He brought that overated peice of crap down to the ring with him, the buffoon who can't seem to muster a sentence, and what's more, Jericho dressed him in a suit! I mean come on... what's that saying? You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig!

(The crowd laughs and chants Ryback sucks)

King Lawler : Ha! This guy cracks me up!

Michael Cole : Are you kidding me? Who does this kid think he is, showing up like this to disrespect our stars..

King Lawler : Oh lighten up cole.. learn how to laugh

Michael Cole : How can you laugh at a show like this? It's disgusting is what it is.

Austin Aries : Now if this wasn't enough, who would interrupt next.. YOU CAN'T SEE ME! That's right Cena, we CAN'T see you, because whenever you come on the screen, shawn and I shut our eyes, as does everyone else who has the misfortune of seeing you wrestle.

(The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers towards Cena)

Austin Aries : Then there's Orton, who was so terified of losing to my partner here, that he joined the nWo. I'm sorry Orton but I've got some bad news for you, there's no way you'll be beating Shawn, even if you have the whole of RWF behind you, no one can stop the future Intercontinental champion, the showstopper, my friend, HBK!

(The crowd burst into a roar of chants for HBK)

Austin Aries : Now, when all that crap was FINALLY off the box, Shawn and I sighed a sigh of relief, then went back to entertaining the Bella Twins.. until we saw a face on the titantron.. a face we never thought we'd see at the RWF... AJ Styles..

(The crowd cheers for AJ)

Austin Aries : Don't cheer too fast.. This guy claims to be the leader of an old group, the Main Event Mafia, a group which targets the younger, up and comers in the business. This man is terrified that I and all the other young talent back there will steal his spotlight, so he pretends to have an army behind him, when in reality, it's just poor little AJ, all alone. He then has the audacity to challenge HBK for the intercontinental title! NO CHANCE IN HELL!!

Michael Cole : This absolutely sickens me, they've come out here and had a bad word to say about everyone. This is why I hated DX the first time around, they have no respect for their fellow wrestlers.

King Lawler : What, and the nWo and the MEM do? Just sit down and stay quiet cole..

(The crowd cheers)

Austin Aries : So AJ, you run your mouth a lot huh? How about you come on down here right now and back it up against me!

(Austin drops his mic and gets ready to fight, when the arena is filled with entrance music that has them all awaiting the arrival of...)


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DJ Kilowatz

DJ Kilowatz

Posts : 66
Join date : 2012-11-26
Location : Cleveland, Ohio

PostSubject: Re: It's Clean Up Time   Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:36 pm

Boy this crowd has been waiting a long time for the music of......

DJ Kilowatz

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Posts : 80
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PostSubject: Re: It's Clean Up Time   Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:17 pm

AJ emerges and sprints to the ring

Bell rings and the match begins

Aries had the upper hand majority of the match hitting brainbuster after brain buster.

Aries went for a pin 1....2..........kick out

Styles then strung together some offense and he setup his 2nd styles clash when......

Batista appears at the top of the ramp

Aries attempts one last brainbuster but AJ phenomenally counters to land a 3rd Styles Clash.

AJ rolls Aries over for the pin. 1......2.......3.....

[TBC by Batista or HBK ONLY]

AJ Styles: 2-4

Anderson: 0-0
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PostSubject: Re: It's Clean Up Time   

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It's Clean Up Time
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