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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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Welcome Back... Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Back...   Welcome Back... EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 6:20 pm

RWF comes back from commercial
Welcome Back... Rwf_logo

Micheal Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentleman, This is The Raw Wrestling Federation! and its live tonight right here in Providence, Rhode Island.
Jim Ross: That's right and this city has a great history, King
Jerry `King` Lawler: It's a great city, JR and were at ringside for whats going to be a very busy show tonight from the Dunkin Donuts Center

Welcome Back... DunkinDonutsCenter_lg

Jim Ross: There's no doubt about it King, Did you know this is one of the first established cities in the entire United States Of America?
Micheal Cole: ...and we're here in the second week of what might be, the next longest running show on television! And this week, we enter Round 2 in the tournemant for the World Heavyweight Championship!
Jerry `King` Lawler: It's going to be a brawl Cole, every Superstar will be put to test too see who deserves... and maybe wants the title the most!

Titantron goes silent, so does the crowd

The crowd goes absolutely wild

Cole: OH MY GOD... here we go again.
JR: It's Stone COLD, Stone COLD, The Texas Rattlesnake is here!

Welcome Back... 1319479_oWelcome Back... 1319486_o
Stone Cold comes out with his ATV! and drives straight towards the ring as the crowd is still going crazy. Stone Cold drives around the ring and then parks his ATV at ringside and enters the ring, taunting at each post and holding a microphone to speak, as the crowd settles down...

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Providence, gimme a hell yeah

The Crowd Cheers "HELL YEAH!"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Got a couple of things i gotta get off my mind before my match against Del Rio tonight, First thing i gotta do, is now bare
with me for a second. The first thing i want to clarify, for all those people in the back who came out here earlier tonight saying this and that about how they'll even beat Stone Cold for the WHC Belt

Crowd Chants "WHAT" as Stone Cold Steve Austin pauses and..
Welcome Back... Stone-cold-laughing

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: It's not happening, i dont care about the guys in the back and i dont care about their group session therapies together and like ill show it again tonight as i did last week...Is that the Stone Cold will not be stopped untill he gets what he wants!

The Crowd Erupts

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: And i don't know if all of you in the back heard me, but if you don't understand what I'm saying I always have a little bit of sign language, so here's to ya.

Welcome Back... Stone-cold-finger-a
The Crowd absolutely crazy cheering for Stone Cold's behaviour and start chanting "Austin, Austin, Austin"

King: Oh my god, JR he just flicked off everyone in the locker room!
JR: Thats Stone Cold for you! He is one of the toughest SOB's i'v ever known

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: and dont let me confuse anyone watching here tonight, about what i said that i wanted, because its simple and it goes by the name of World Heavyweight Championship!

The Crowd Chants "Hell Yeah"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Now on to the second thing, my match here tonight is against the Mexican aristocrate, Alberto Del Rio....

The Crowd Goes "BOO"

`Stone Cold` Steve Austin: Now i dont now much about him, But..Stone Cold knows he was one of the reasons he decided to return for the fans everywhere tonight and at home

The Crowd Cheers

Steve Austin: Alberto... Austin 3:16 says I'll whoop your ass

As The Crowd Goes Ballistic
The camera show various angles of the audience attending and crowd signs
Welcome Back... Crowd_10

Steve Austin: And thats the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so!

Theme Song hits in the background as the commerical starts running

[END Promo]


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Welcome Back... Austin2
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Welcome Back... Enctrancepk3

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Welcome Back... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome Back...   Welcome Back... EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 1:59 am

Match Result, Main Event. Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Alberto Del Rio

Later on that night....

Welcome Back... Alberto-Del-Rio-Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin_original_display_image

Cole: Coming up next, our Main Event of the night, Stone Cold Steve Austin against Alberto Del Rio!
JR: This is going to be a slobber knocker King, We've got The Texas Rattlesnake in one corner and the rich Mexican aristocrat in the other
King: I expect nothing less than a great show JR, there is a reason why this is our main event for tonight!

Ring Announcer: Following contest is schedulded for one fall, Ladies and Gentleman please Welcome Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez!

Ricardo Rodriquez: Ladies and gentlemen, It is my great honor to introduce to you here, A man Of great Royalty. A man with a superior Intelligence... making his way to the ring he is the Mexican pride, none other than Albertoooo Del Rrrrrrrio!

Welcome Back... Adre

Del rio enters the stage from side with his Ferrari 458 Spider, exiting in an adrenaline rush welcoming the many boo's from the crowd, and makes his way to the ring in complete arrogance

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Victoria, Texas weighing in at 252 pounds. Stone Cold, Steve Austinn!

Welcome Back... 101129anigif

As the audience welcomes Austin with the lowdest pop of the night, Stone Cold walks straight down the ramp right into the ring, climbing each ring post with his signature taunts for the crowd

The Referee signs....The Bell Rings...As The Match Starts....

Both men meet eye to eye Stone cold standing 6 feet and 2 inches and Alberto Del Rio at 6 feet 5 inches. The bell rings, both superstars get ready and lockup. Alberto wins and goes straight into attack with suplexes, and striking the Texas Rattlesnake to the ground. As Stone Cold recuperates and gets back on his feet, he tries to get back into the match with a sideways suplex and a few strikes to Del Rio's face. Both wrestlers try hard to get the upperhand but the match seems even

King: This is great JR, i dont think iv seen such a match in years.
JR: It's amazing how Del Rio is standing toe to toe with the rattlesnake, King.
Cole: Alberto Del Rio has proved every night, that he can compete against the best wrestlers throughout his career.

As the mach goes bank and forth, Alberto Del Rio denies every attempt of Stone Cold to execute the pointing elbow like last week on DDP. There is no doubt that Del Rio is in much better condition and form than Page. Alberto gains momentum and after a few devastating blows to the chest to Steve Austin, Rio suddenly gets hit and falls right outside the ring. Stone Cold seems to be getting his head back in the game, as he taunts Del Rio to come back inside

Welcome Back... Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgeuOj6m6CNO8xliIAcS1pwgdUkLK8LQb7IS_5lxMX1Ua8QsT6LeRZFt6kHg

Alberto hesitates and then gets back inside the ring. Stone Cold appearently ready this time, start gaining momentum. As the Rattlesnake would say he "Opens a can of whopass" on Del Rio by throwing him to the corner, assaulting him as he goes for the lou thesz press and finishes his attack with a STUNNER!. Stone Cold gives Alberto no time as he goes straight for the pinfall. 1....2....

JR: BAH-GAWD King, Stone Cold just stomped a mudhole in Alberto Del Rio and walked it dry!
King: I don't know if he can last much longer...

Del Rio KICKS OUT! Stone Cold is suprised as he seems to be thinking about what he's going to do next. Alberto Del Rio gets back on his feet and brawls to get back momentum and achieves it with great athletic skills and determination! Stone Cold gets tested for his limits, as Alberto goes for the Piledriving Finisher! He smiles at the crowd and taunts in arrogance...

Welcome Back... Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9Ajpvjvu9jTVdKjGWWKF-ivzb25LFEtJDhZg9bhbPsLWnSjRLfQ

Del Rio goes straight for the pinfall and 1...2...Kick out by Stone Cold Steve Austin. These men share a great amount of momentum with each other once again, till Stone Cold hits another Stunner out of absolutely NOWHERE! As he goes for the pin, the referee doesn't count but instead signs at Alberto's foot on the the rope and tells Stone Cold to get off. The Texas Rattlesnake seems to have lost his patience as he goes for powerbombs and suplexes, taunting as his temper seems to have gotten out of control. Stone Cold STUNNER STUNNER! and straight to pinfall....1...2....3...the bell rings at the sign of the referee

Welcome Back... Mqdefault

King: He's done it he's done it!
JR: Stone Cold is going to the NEXT round of the World Heavyweight Championship! There is no stopping the TEXAS RATTLESNAKE!
Cole: Great so we have atleast another week of his beer drinking mad behaviour

Stone Cold's theme song plays in the background, The Referee raises Steve Austin's hand to state his victory. As Alberto Del Rio lays, still feeling the effects of the third stunner

Welcome Back... Delrio12

[END RESULT - Conclusion Austin Wins By Pinfall]


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