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Ironic continuation of New Generation Championship Wrestling: a CaW e-Fed and such.
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 The Rock calls out Goldberg.

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PostSubject: The Rock calls out Goldberg.   Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:16 pm

*Crowd erupts in cheers*

Cole: The building explodes as The Rock walks down to the ring.
King: I wonder what he his gonna say after his confrontation with Goldberg last week.
JR: Whatever it is, it’s going to be electrifying.

*Rock paces in ring*

Rock: FINALLY……..The Rock HAS COME BACK to Providence, Rhode Island.

Rock:Now the first thing The Rock wants to address is the nWo. Team Bring It is not afraid of you basic color jabronies. If you want a piece of the Rock, Just Bring It Bitch.

Rock:On a sidenote, Hey Aj. I noticed you checking out the People’s Strudel in the back. I’ll talk to you after the show baby.

Rock: Now on to Goldberg.

*Crowd starts chanting GOLDBERG*

Rock: Goldberg, Last week you thought you intimidated the Rock?Michael Cole, Do you think The Rock is intimidated?

*Cole grabs a mic*

Cole: Well Rock…


King: He got you good there Cole. Aha ha ha. I love The Rock’s catchphrases.

Rock: Goldberg, you say I’m next. Well I give you two choices. Option 1, How bout you bring your monkey ass down to the ring so I can kick it all over Providence. Option 2, You can take a stroll with The Rock. The Rock is gonna take you down to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive and check you straight in to the Smackdown Hotel!

*Crowd cheers*

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PostSubject: Re: The Rock calls out Goldberg.   Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Rock calls out Goldberg.   Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:14 am

As Goldberg's entrance music hits, the crowd goes wild in anticipation of his arrival. The Rock starest at the titantron as the video keeps rolling.

Jerry the King Lawler : It's Goldberg!!! Goldberg has returned to professional wrestling!

Michael Cole : This should be great King, this is a long awaited return

The entrance video keeps running, but there's no sign of Goldberg, Rock stands in the ring with arms against his hips, pissed off and confused.

Michael Cole : Where is he? Is this Rock's idea of a sick joke?!

The video and music come to a halt as Edge runs into the ring from the crowd and stalks the Rock from behind.

Jerry the King Lawler : Oh god! It's Edge! What is he doing here?? Turn around Rock!!!

The Rock turns around and feels the impact as Edge charges into him at full speed, knocking him to the ground as the crowd gasp in shock at Edge's actions. Edge grabs hold of the mic that fell out of the Rock's hands and kneels down to the fallen great one.

Edge : What's the matter Rock? Don't you have anything to say to 'the millions and millions of rock fans?!' You're nothing but a pathetic excuse of a wrestler, you're long past your sell by date Dwayne, It's my time to shine! You can just go back to making your bargain bin movies! It is time to reinstate the Decade of Decadence with the Rated R Superstar as RWF's World Heavyweight Champion!!

The crowd boos Edge as he stand over the Rock with a triumphant pose

Michael Cole : What has come over Edge? This isn't the same man we saw return to action last week.

Jerry the King Lawler : This sickens me, how can Edge stoop so low as to attack the Rock from behind like this?

As the nWo music hits, Edge drops his mic and runs down the ramp and backstage, the crowd boo him along the way and cheer for the nWo.

Michael Cole : Again? How many times will these nWo delinquents interfere in our shows before they show their faces?

Jerry the King Lawler : I don't know Cole, but I don't like this one bit.

Just as the show is about to go to comercial, Edge comes back out to the Arena with a big smirk plastered across his face.

Edge : Oh one more thing Dwayne..

Edge rips off his shirt and reveal a plain black vest with the nWo logo stapled across it. The show goes to comercial as the crowd boo Edge even more in the utter shock of this revealation.

End Promo


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PostSubject: Re: The Rock calls out Goldberg.   

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The Rock calls out Goldberg.
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